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“I’ve grown so big…!

The NPO “Nekoken”, which protects many cats, also has sick and disabled cats. Among them, the first case was Mozuku, a kitten without a pelvis. Two immobile hind legs and a small underdeveloped body. Can this cat really live and be happy? It’s been 9 months since the anxiety was written on the blog. An unexpected development occurred in Mozuku’s body. She spoke with representative director Naoko Mizokami.

At the time of rescue, the pelvicless kitten Mozuku was very small and fragile (Photo: Nekoken Blog)

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■ Hind legs that don’t move because there is no pelvis… “It may be difficult to transfer.”

Mozuku first appeared on the Nekoken blog in November 2021. The kitten that the volunteers found couldn’t move its hind legs, but it didn’t have a pelvis. It is said that this was the first case for “Nekoken”, which has been caring for cats with various disabilities.

The two hind legs that do not move are pushed forward, and the front legs are the only ones that can barely walk. It appeared to be 3 to 4 months old when it was rescued, but considering that it would not have been able to eat properly, it is possible that it was actually 5 to 6 months old. You can’t live long outside. I can only say that I was lucky to be discovered by the members, but that didn’t mean that Mozuku’s future was completely open.

Since they do not have a pelvis, they cannot excrete on their own. Humans must express and must wear diapers. There are restrictions on food so that there are no problems with bowel movements, and I can only eat one bite of my favorite “Churu”.

Mozuku has such a severe disability, but even as he walks around, his expression is that of a kitten full of curiosity. Everyone was touched by the sight of him taking one step after another with his front legs alone. However, I don’t know how mozuku will grow. At the time, Mizokami also said, “It is often difficult to give a child with a serious illness or disability to a foster parent. It is also expensive,” he said.

It was in August of this year, nine months after he was taken into custody, that Mozuku’s unexpected appearance reappeared on his blog.

I haven’t moved my hind legs since I was little… (Photo: Nekoken Blog)

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“Which one is this big fluffy guy?” was written on the blog, accompanied by a photo of a cat with soft fur, a splendid whisker, and big eyes. Its front legs are strong and supportive, but its hind legs are thrown out unnaturally. Yes, this big cat was Mozuku’s grown up form.

“Move your body with the strength of your arms and grow strong! You can’t take diapers off, but that’s not a problem in your life! It’s amazing! Mozuku!” From the written text, the joy and excitement of the volunteer members are clearly conveyed.

Furthermore, not only did Mozuku grow up splendidly, but it was also decided that a trial breeding was decided. Moreover, with Mozuku’s good friend cat “Kururu”. This cat, too, probably has brain abnormalities and his face shakes slightly, but he’s an exceptionally cute cat.

“In the past, it was very difficult to adopt a cat with a disability like this. Even volunteers sometimes gave up. I think this is evidence that animal welfare has taken root in Japan.”

It takes a certain amount of determination on the part of the owner to welcome a cat with a disability or illness. Learning how to care for her, taking her to the hospital, and certainly taking more time and money than usual.

“At the transfer meeting, we will explain this in detail and tell you how to care for it. However, if you understand it, it is a loving cat that is no different from any other cat. I am very happy that more and more people are welcoming us.”

Mozuku is a cat who has survived the harsh outside world, has been saved by humans, and is trying to find a new family, even though he has a major disability in which he has no pelvis. Those two front legs must not only support your body, but they also have the power to seize your own happiness. One step, one step forward. Mozuku’s progress will never stop.

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