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Adobe generally releases image generation AI “Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model”


Adobe has started general availability of “Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model”. It was announced as a featured feature at the event “Adobe MAX Japan 2023” held at Tokyo Big Sight.

“Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model” will no longer be available as a beta version and will be generally available as an official version from November 16th. It is positioned as the next-generation version developed based on the first model of Adobe Firefly, and in October, it will introduce “Generation Match,” which generates content with a custom style specified by the user, as well as the ability to adjust images with photo styles. New features have been added, such as “Photo Settings,” which will help you get better results, and “Prompt Suggestions,” which will help you add or rephrase prompts to get better results.

With general availability, results from text prompts in multiple languages ​​are now more accurate. “This will enable us to generate images based on a more accurate understanding of the cultural context.”


Example of generation using the previous generation Adobe Firefly Image 1 Model


Example generated with the new Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model

Adobe Firefly, which is safe for commercial use, claims to offer new ways to generate ideas, accelerate expression, and save time. Content credentials that clearly show how the content was created are automatically attached, providing trust and transparency.

In addition, Adobe will collaborate with Adobe Express and LINE Creative Lab starting in February 2024, working together to reduce creative creation time and improve the quality of content when creating advertisements.


The ability to create headline images using Adobe Express on the PC version of Note, which was announced in August, will be available from November 16th.

note, headline image generation function using Adobe’s AI

They also announced the typeface “Yu Mincho Antic,” which was designed to enhance the expressive power of characters in manga. The characters and fonts included in this font comply with the newly established “Adobe-Manga1-0” character collection specification, and by utilizing this specification as an industry standard, compatibility between various manga fonts is achieved. It is expected that interoperability will improve.


A font that complies with the specifications for manga, “Diao Mincho Antic”

The article is in Japanese

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