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Topic Stock Picks[Daytime Edition]: AI Mecha, iSpace, Alfresa | Hot Stocks – Stock Search News

Topic Stock Picks[Daytime Edition]: AI Mecha, iSpace, Alfresa | Hot Stocks – Stock Search News
Topic Stock Picks[Daytime Edition]: AI Mecha, iSpace, Alfresa | Hot Stocks – Stock Search News

AI Mecha From “Stock Search” multi-functional chart

■AI Mechatech <6227> 6,430 yen +820 Yen (+14.6%) as of 11:30
AI Mechatech <6227> has been showing off its strong and weak development even amidst the conflicting views on its strengths and weaknesses, and is showing great enthusiasm with 8 consecutive business days of growth. The stock had risen significantly by over 1,700 yen in the seven business days leading up to the previous day, and there is a possibility of a rebound, but today the stock is trading in a short-term market and is trending upwards as major semiconductor stocks are generally weak. be. In terms of stock supply and demand, stock lending regulations have been in place since the 14th of this week, but short selling through stock lending through foreign securities companies has reached a high level, although this is not reflected in the TSE credit balance or margin balance. This buyback pressure continues to provide buoyancy to stock prices. The company’s stock price has sharply increased since late May, reaching its highest price, and has more than quadrupled in half a year to reach today’s high.

■C&F Logi <9099> 1,453 yen +84 Yen (+6.1%) As of 11:30 TSE Prime 4th in increase rate
C&F Logi Holdings <9099> has rebounded significantly. After the close of trading on the 16th, the company announced that it would carry out share buybacks with a maximum of 3.4 million shares (13.82% of the total number of issued shares excluding treasury stock). It seems that there was some buying based on the evaluation that it would lead to improved capital efficiency. The acquisition period is from November 17th to September 30th, 2024. The shares will be acquired through market purchases on the TSE and off-auction share repurchases (ToSTNeT-3). At the same time, it was announced that a purchasing commission would be carried out at 8:45 a.m. on the 17th at ToSTNeT-3. On the same day, the company announced that it had completed the purchase of 2.6 million shares (acquisition amount: 3,559.4 million yen).

■ispace <9348> 905 yen+32 Yen (+3.7%) As of 11:30
ispace<9348> suddenly rebounded. On the 16th, the final design of a micro rover (small lunar rover) to be developed by a European subsidiary for Mission 2 of the private lunar exploration program “HAKUTO-R” was announced. At the same time, the company announced plans to launch a lunar lander as early as the winter of 2024, and this seems to have attracted buying interest. The company will use a micro rover to collect lunar sand (regolith) and transfer ownership to its customer, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In addition to the Micro Rover, Mission 2 is also scheduled to transport Takasago Thermal Engineering’s 1969 lunar surface water electrolyzer and Euglena’s 2931 self-contained module for food production experiments on the lunar surface.

■Alfresa <2784> 2,475 yen+71 Yen (+3.0%) As of 11:30
Alfresa Holdings <2784> is rebounding for the first time in five days. After the close of trading on the 16th, subsidiary Gekka Works announced that it would begin full-scale operation of Doxil, a membership-based web service for doctors, which is seen as a positive sign. “Docsil” is a membership-based web service for doctors that connects local doctors and specialists in remote areas online by utilizing the specialty data of real-name doctors and data from medical institutions nationwide. Since November 2022, Gekka Works has been conducting demonstration experiments on Doxil in some of the sales areas of the group’s wholesale business companies, including pharmaceuticals. Full-scale operation will begin now that a system has been put in place to support regional medical collaboration in terms of both implementation and collaboration support in sales activities. The impact of this incident on business results is currently expected to be minor.

■Sapporo HD <2501> 5,832 yen+166 Yen (+2.9%) As of 11:30
Sapporo Holdings <2501> rebounded for the first time in three days. After the close of trading on the 16th, it was revealed that 3D Investment Partners, a Singaporean investment fund, had purchased additional shares in Sapporo HD, and it appears that this was seen as speculation. According to the change report submitted to the Ministry of Finance on the same day, the holding ratio increased from 7.25% to 8.32%. The purpose of holding the shares is “to provide advice and make important proposals to management, depending on the pure investment and situation.” The reporting obligation date is November 9th.

■Takachiho trade <2676> 3,235 yen+65 Yen (+2.1%) as of 11:30
Takachiho trade <2676> is rebelling. After the close of trading on the 16th, the company announced that it would start selling its integrated SASE solution “Cisco+ Secure Connect” for small and medium-sized enterprises, which is seen as a good sign. SASE is a way of thinking that shifts to a method of performing network control and security control on the path to cloud services, and is one of the security models that responds to recent changes in work styles. By introducing “Cisco+ Secure Connect,” the company has created an environment where all users and devices can securely access cloud services and data from anywhere at any time, reducing security risks and encouraging hybrid work styles. In addition, the integrated cloud dashboard reduces operational burden and improves agility, speed, and scalability, among other benefits.

■JR Tokai <9022> 3,558 yen+65 Yen (+1.9%) As of 11:30
JR Tokai <9022> is rebelling. On the 16th, the company announced that it is considering the use of a “hydrogen engine” in addition to “fuel cells” as it aims to develop a “hydrogen-powered vehicle” that uses hydrogen as fuel, and this is seen as a good sign. There is. Instead of a diesel engine that uses light oil as fuel, a fuel cell or hydrogen engine that uses hydrogen as fuel will be used, and the “hydrogen-powered hybrid system” runs on electricity obtained from the fuel cell or hydrogen engine and electricity from a storage battery. The company aims to introduce it. If put into practical use, it will be the world’s first railway, with a simulated running test using fuel cells scheduled for November 2023 and a simulated running test using a hydrogen engine starting in 2024.

■ Sumishi Holdings <1514> 592 yen+10 Yen (+1.7%) as of 11:30
Sumishi Holdings <1514> rebounded for the first time in seven days. In a change report submitted by prominent investor Toshiya Imura to the Kanto Local Finance Bureau on the 16th, it was revealed that his ownership percentage of Sumishi HD shares decreased from 14.19% to 9.65%. Also, on the same day, Aso (Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), which is involved in medical-related and construction-related businesses, submitted a change report to the Kanto Local Finance Bureau, increasing its holdings in Sumishi HD shares from 27.70% to 31.16%. It is clear that there has been an increase. The company’s stock price started low in the morning due to conflicting opinions regarding the ownership status of major shareholders, but after a round of selling, it returned to positive territory.

■Infronia <5076> 1,631.5 yen+26.5 Yen (+1.7%) as of 11:30
Infronia Holdings <5076> is rebounding. On the 16th, the company and its subsidiary InfoInf signed a license agreement for the exclusive development and provision of a piping “remaining life diagnosis system” owned by U.S. Fracta Inc. (California) for the water concession business. This is seen as a positive sign. This system is based on the piping deterioration diagnosis system that Frakta provides in countries around the world including the United States, Europe, and Japan. In the future, the Infronia Group will independently develop a system for diagnosing the remaining life of pipes that will enable technological innovation in the water concession business (water and sewage works).

■Fuyo General Lease <8424> 11,915 yen+170 Yen (+1.5%) as of 11:30
Fuyo General Lease <8424> is rebounding. At around 10 a.m., we concluded a pay-as-you-go lease contract with Hi-Bot (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), a startup company from Tokyo Institute of Technology, for a non-destructive inspection robot developed by Hi-Bot, based on the robot’s operating rate. The company has announced that it has done so, which is seen as a positive sign. The articulated robot arm “Float Arm” developed by Hibot is based on the one used at sites such as decommissioning work at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and has been made lighter and more compact so that it can be used at more sites. . Furthermore, the inspection device that can be attached to the tip can be expanded and changed, making it a highly versatile design that can handle a variety of inspection and maintenance tasks. The conclusion of this lease agreement is based on Hibot’s full-fledged launch of the RaaS (Robot as a Service) business in Europe that utilizes the Float Arm. The aim is to support business expansion, and Fuyo Lease says it will use a “pay-as-you-go lease scheme” in which lease fees fluctuate depending on occupancy rates.

■Kimura Unity <9368> 1,368 yen+17 Yen (+1.3%) As of 11:30
Kimura Unity <9368> continued to grow. After the transaction closed on the 16th, the company announced that it had started providing a new vehicle leasing service together with Tokai Rika <6995>, which seems to have been seen as a good news. The vehicle leasing service provided by Kimura Unite and Tokai Ri’s DX (digital transformation) service for company car management, “Bqey”, have been packaged together. Until now, each contract point had to deal with the application, payment, and removal of the vehicle at the end of the lease for a leased vehicle and Bqey, which placed a burden on customers. By packaging, contracts and payments will be unified, which is expected to improve customer convenience.

■Nomura Fu HD <3231> 3,750 yen+29 Yen (+0.8%) As of 11:30
Some real estate stocks such as Nomura Real Estate Holdings <3231> are performing well. In the US market on the 16th, the yield on 10-year bonds, an indicator of long-term interest rates, fell to 4.43%. The number of weekly unemployment insurance claims in the US exceeded market expectations, further reducing expectations for further interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve. This put downward pressure on US long-term interest rates. Real estate stocks, where rising interest rates are expected to have a negative impact on profits, appear to be benefiting from a trend of selective investment by investors who believe that expectations for higher domestic and foreign interest rates are fading. Hulic <3003>, Meiwa Jisho <8869>, Starts Corporation <8850>, etc. are solid.

■Furuya Metal <7826> 9,270 yen -790 Yen (-7.9%) as of 11:30
Furuya Metal <7826> continued to decline significantly. After the close of trading on the 16th, the company announced that it would conduct a public offering of 1,044,000 shares and an over-allotment sale of up to 156,000 shares. Stocks have been under pressure from selling due to concerns about deterioration in stock supply and demand and dilution of earnings per share. The issue price will be determined on any day between the 27th and 29th. The approximately 10.8 billion yen (estimated take-home payout) will be used for capital investments such as equipment for mass production of thermocouples for semiconductor devices and mass production of catalysts for water electrolysis equipment. At the same time, the company announced that the Tokyo Stock Exchange has approved the change to the prime market. The change date is December 6th.

■Asahi <2502> 5,565 yen -239 Yen (-4.1%) as of 11:30
Asahi Group Holdings <2502> fell for the third day in a row. After the close of trading on the 16th, the company announced that it had resolved to sell its shares in overseas markets. It appears that there was a sell-off due to concerns about the negative impact on stock demand and supply. The number of shares to be sold is 33,479,200 shares. Eight financial institutions, including Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, which is affiliated with Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group <8316>, and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, which is affiliated with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings <8309>, and one financial institution that is a sub-trustee of the retirement benefit trust. A total of nine companies will sell their shares. The selling price will be decided on any day between November 28th and December 1st.

■Toyota Motors <7203> 2,864 yen-15 Yen (-0.5%) As of 11:30
Toyota Motor Corporation <7203> is demonstrating solidity in sales despite the overall weakness. In the foreign exchange market, the yen is currently trending towards the high 150 yen level to the dollar, and although the wind is unfavorable for the company’s stock, which is particularly sensitive to exchange rates in the automobile sector, institutional investors are appreciating its good performance. The buying trend seems to be strong. The high price since listing on September 20th of 2,911.50 yen is in sight, and the high 2,800 yen level is attracting a lot of attention in the market as there are conflicting views on whether it is strong or weak. Operating profit for the fiscal year ending March 2024 is expected to be 4.5 trillion yen, a 65% increase from the previous fiscal year, which is a significant increase from the initial forecast, and the company’s market price estimate is less than 10 times, making it a strong indicator that the company is undervalued.

◆Hyper <3054> 380 yen+80 Yen (+26.7%)stop height As of 11:30
Hyper <3054> is being bought at the stop high of 380 yen. The company has announced that it will carry out a share buyback after the close of trading on the 16th, which is seen as a positive sign. The upper limit is 100,000 shares (1.01% of issued shares) or 40 million yen, and the acquisition period is from November 20th to December 22nd. The aim is to further improve capital efficiency and carry out flexible capital policies in response to changes in the business environment.

●Stop high stocks
Welby <4438> 730 yen+100 Yen (+15.9%)stop height As of 11:30
etc., 2 brands

●Stop low stocks
Waqoo <4937> 1,730 yen-500Yen (-22.4%)stop lowAs of 11:30
Marion <3494> 1,872 yen-500Yen (-21.1%)stop lowAs of 11:30
Above, 2 brands

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