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Topic Stock Pickup[Evening Edition](1): GNI, AI Mecha, Pana HD | Hot Stocks – Stock Search News

Topic Stock Pickup[Evening Edition](1): GNI, AI Mecha, Pana HD | Hot Stocks – Stock Search News
Topic Stock Pickup[Evening Edition](1): GNI, AI Mecha, Pana HD | Hot Stocks – Stock Search News

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■GNI Group <2160> 2,798 yen+297 Yen (+11.9%) Today’s closing price
GNI Group <2160> has risen for the third time in a row, clearly showing an upward trend. The company announced its financial results for the January-September period on the 14th, with sales increasing 61.0% from the same period last year to 20,547 million yen, and operating income increasing 4.6 times to 6,802 million yen. In addition to strong sales of the main product “Isurui”, the upfront payment from the strategic alliance with Astellas Pharma Inc. <4503> contributed. Buying continues due to strong financial results.

■AI Mechatech <6227> 6,240 yen+630 Yen (+11.2%) Today’s closing price
AI Mechatech <6227> has been showing off its strong and weak development even amidst the conflicting views on its strengths and weaknesses, and is showing great enthusiasm with 8 consecutive business days of growth. The stock had risen significantly by over 1,700 yen in the seven business days leading up to the previous day, and there is a possibility of a rebound, but today the stock is trading in a short-term market and is trending upwards as major semiconductor stocks are generally weak. be. In terms of stock supply and demand, stock lending regulations have been in place since the 14th of this week, but short selling through stock lending through foreign securities companies has reached a high level, although this is not reflected in the TSE credit balance or margin balance. This buyback pressure continues to provide buoyancy to stock prices. The company’s stock price has sharply increased since late May, reaching its highest price, and has more than quadrupled in half a year to reach today’s high.

■C&F Logi <9099> 1,465 yen+96 Yen (+7.0%) Today’s closing price TSE Prime 6th in increase rate
C&F Logi Holdings <9099> has rebounded significantly. After the close of trading on the 16th, the company announced that it would carry out share buybacks with a maximum of 3.4 million shares (13.82% of the total number of issued shares excluding treasury stock). It seems that there was some buying based on the evaluation that it would lead to improved capital efficiency. The acquisition period is from November 17th to September 30th, 2024. The shares will be acquired through market purchases on the TSE and off-auction share repurchases (ToSTNeT-3). At the same time, it was announced that a purchasing commission would be carried out at 8:45 a.m. on the 17th at ToSTNeT-3. On the same day, the company announced that it had completed the purchase of 2.6 million shares (acquisition amount: 3,559.4 million yen).

■Marubun <7537> 1,370 yen+84 Yen (+6.5%) Today’s closing price TSE Prime 8th in increase rate
Marubun <7537> entered the market with a strong buying advantage, and the Taiyo line formed, increasing the price by more than 5% and accelerating the upward pursuit. An electronics trading company that mainly handles semiconductors and electronic components. Semiconductors for consumer electronics and automobiles are performing well and are boosting profits, but demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment is expected to expand over the medium term due to financial support from the government, which is expected to increase business opportunities for the company, which handles high-spec products. Ru. Business performance has also been stronger than the company’s expectations, with operating income for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024 significantly increasing from the initial forecast of 8.75 billion yen to 12.5 billion yen (up 14% from the previous fiscal year), a complete reversal from the forecast for a decline in profits. The outlook has changed to double-digit profit growth, with consecutive record highs expected. In terms of market value, the PBR is in the 0.7x range, and the dividend yield of around 3.7% suggests that there is room for further correction.

■ Sumishi Holdings <1514> 617 yen+35 Yen (+6.0%) Today’s closing price
Sumishi Holdings <1514> rebounded for the first time in seven days. In a change report submitted by prominent investor Toshiya Imura to the Kanto Local Finance Bureau on the 16th, it was revealed that his ownership percentage of Sumishi HD shares decreased from 14.19% to 9.65%. Also, on the same day, Aso (Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), which is involved in medical-related and construction-related businesses, submitted a change report to the Kanto Local Finance Bureau, increasing its holdings in Sumishi HD shares from 27.70% to 31.16%. It is clear that there has been an increase. The company’s stock price started low in the morning due to conflicting opinions regarding the ownership status of major shareholders, but after a round of selling, it returned to positive territory.

■Pana HD <6752> 1,497 yen+78 Yen (+5.5%) Today’s closing price
Panasonic Holdings <6752> entered the rear and expanded the range. The company announced on the 17th that a group company of the US investment fund Apollo Global Management (APO) has agreed to become a joint partner regarding the business of its consolidated subsidiary Panasonic Automotive Systems (PAS), and has concluded a basic agreement. Announced. The partnership provides an opportunity to raise large-scale funds to strengthen the development capabilities of growth businesses. If the transaction is completed based on the agreement, a portion of PAS’s shares, which are 100% held by Pana HD, will be acquired by a fund advised by Apollo, and PAS will become an equity method affiliate of Pana HD. It appears that investors have bought Pana HD in recognition of its efforts toward business selection and concentration. The aim is to conclude a formal contract by the end of March 2024. PAS will aim for further growth with a focus on the in-vehicle cockpit system field, with a view to future stock listing.

■ispace <9348> 914 yen+41 Yen (+4.7%) Today’s closing price
ispace<9348> suddenly rebounded. On the 16th, the final design of a micro rover (small lunar rover) to be developed by a European subsidiary for Mission 2 of the private lunar exploration program “HAKUTO-R” was announced. At the same time, the company announced plans to launch a lunar lander as early as the winter of 2024, and this seems to have attracted buying interest. The company will use a micro rover to collect lunar sand (regolith) and transfer ownership to its customer, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In addition to the Micro Rover, Mission 2 is also scheduled to transport Takasago Thermal Engineering’s 1969 lunar surface water electrolyzer and Euglena’s 2931 self-contained module for food production experiments on the lunar surface.

■Alfresa <2784> 2,507.5 yen+103.5 Yen (+4.3%) Today’s closing price
Alfresa Holdings <2784> rebounded for the first time in five days. After the close of trading on the 16th, subsidiary Gekka Works announced that it would begin full-scale operation of Doxil, a membership-based web service for doctors, which was seen as a positive sign. “Docsil” is a membership-based web service for doctors that connects local doctors and specialists in remote areas online by utilizing the specialty data of real-name doctors and data from medical institutions nationwide. Since November 2022, Gekka Works has been conducting demonstration experiments on Doxil in some of the sales areas of the group’s wholesale business companies, including pharmaceuticals. Full-scale operation will begin now that a system has been put in place to support regional medical collaboration in terms of both implementation and collaboration support in sales activities. The impact of this incident on business results is currently expected to be minor.

■FANCL <4921> 2,295 yen+81.5 Yen (+3.7%) Today’s closing price
FANCL <4921> rebounded for the first time in three days with a significant increase. The fact that SMBC Nikko Securities raised its investment rating from “2” to “1” and raised its price target from 2,500 yen to 2,900 yen on the 16th seems to have been seen as a positive sign. It is pointed out that the effects of domestic reinforcement measures since the fiscal year ending March 2022 have enabled both market share expansion and marketing cost efficiency. In addition, the company is evaluating new developments in its overseas business, which had been a drag on valuation expansion, such as the renewal of the contract with a Chinese distributor announced in the first half of the fiscal year ending March 2024. While expectations for the growth rate of the toiletries and cosmetics sector are declining due to factors such as the impact of treated water and prolonged inventory adjustments at duty-free stores, the company’s relative evaluation is expected to improve as China-related risks are limited and domestic growth has been confirmed. We are anticipating it.

■Hitachi <6501> 10,400 yen+355 Yen (+3.5%) Today’s closing price
Hitachi <6501> is gaining momentum. The stock has increased for three consecutive days, breaking the high of 10,170 yen set on September 6th since listing for the first time in about two and a half months. The company is shifting its focus from being a general electronics manufacturer to reforming its profit structure with an emphasis on digital transformation (DX). For the fiscal year ending March 2024, operating profit is expected to be 720 billion yen, down 4% from the previous fiscal year, but the initial forecast has been revised upward by 45 billion yen. It is likely that profits will increase in the fiscal year ending March 2025, and there is a possibility that the company may set its sights on the record-high profit of 754.9 billion yen achieved in the fiscal year ending March 2019. After the announcement of the interim financial results, real demand buying continued, likely from institutional investors who evaluated the company’s DX strategy from a medium-term perspective, and the stock price has consistently trended upwards.

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