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Hybrid will be introduced in the new Forester, Subaru President Osaki declares – AUTOCAR JAPAN


Forester Hybrid “about a year later”

Subaru unveiled the new Forester for the world’s first time at the Los Angeles Auto Show press day.

The highest-selling model, which has sold more than 2.4 million units in the United States, has undergone a complete model change and is now in its 6th generation.

The new Forester debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show. north america subaru

The new model exhibited at the venue was a 2.5L horizontally opposed engine vehicle, but Subaru President Atsushi Osaki, who took the stage at the unveiling, revealed that a hybrid version will also be available.

“We have one more piece of news today. Why is the new Forester being released with an ICE engine?”

“A Forester equipped with a next-generation hybrid will be added in about a year.This is Forester’s first hybrid (strong hybrid).”

The company also announced that it will introduce four new BEV models to the North American market by the end of 2026.

Internal combustion engine specifications

The new Forester focuses on improving its driving experience, ADAS performance, and practicality to provide a sense of “fun,” and is said to “evolve into an SUV that can meet the expectations of everyone who rides it at any time, from the everyday to the extraordinary.” , Subaru is introducing.

The specifications of the North American version unveiled this time are as follows.

The new Forester debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show. north america subaru

Engine: 2.5L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder
Transmission: CVT
Drive system: four-wheel drive
Maximum power: 180hp
Maximum torque: 24.6kg-m
Total length: 4655mm
Overall width: 1829mm
Overall height: 1729mm
Wheelbase: 2669mm
Tread (front): 1565mm
Tread (rear): 1570mm
Minimum ground clearance: 220mm

Regarding the body structure, the SGP (Subaru Global Platform) has been evolved. The adoption of a full inner frame structure, expanded use of structural adhesives, and increased rigidity of the suspension mounting area improve dynamic feel.

To be released next spring in North America

Subaru also announced that the new Forester will come standard with a new generation of EyeSight.

By adopting a monocular camera that can recognize “motorcycles/pedestrians” with a wider angle than the new stereo camera, it expands the situations in which pre-collision braking can be applied when driving at low speeds. It is said to have achieved the best performance of any EyeSight ever.

Atsushi Osaki, President and Representative Director, took the stage at the unveiling of the new Forester.
Atsushi Osaki, President and Representative Director, took the stage at the unveiling of the new Forester. north america subaru

In terms of control, the use of an electric brake booster provides pre-crash braking, which improves responsiveness to situations such as sudden sudden movements of the bicycle. In addition, when using cruise control with an all-vehicle speed tracking function, it is possible to quickly decelerate when a vehicle in front suddenly cuts in.

The highlight of the interior is the seat structure that supports the pelvis.

It was developed with the idea of ​​preventing the vibrations of the car body from being transmitted to the head by pressing down on the sacrum, which is located above the coccyx. This reduces roll during steering and body shaking caused by undulations on the road surface.

Looking at the published photos, the 11.6-inch vertical information display is located in the center of the instrument panel. This will be installed on some grades and will support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless connectivity.

The North American version of the new Forester will be available in five grades: Base, Premium, Sport, Limited, and Touring, and local introduction is scheduled for spring 2024.

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