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DAZN, a sports video streaming service that allows you to enjoy soccer and J-League matches, has been attracting attention after users on X (formerly Twitter) complained that the withdrawal process was too harsh.

This user said that even though he tried to complete the procedure on the official website, he was asked to contact him by phone or chat, which he felt was unusual. There were many voices of sympathy, and when a reporter tried to unsubscribe from the site, he was asked to contact the site by phone, which took about 10 minutes.

  • DAZN official website

  • Invite to call or chat

    Invite to call or chat

  • There is also a page that encourages you to change your mind about withdrawing from membership.

    There is also a page that encourages you to change your mind about withdrawing from membership.

“Please let me withdraw as soon as possible,” he protested.

DAZN is operated by the British Perform Group and began service in Japan in 2016. You can enjoy live matches such as soccer, professional baseball, and motor sports such as the J League and major European leagues for a flat fee.

The person who complained about the method of canceling DAZN membership was “Kancho” (@cakari14), who distributes videos on YouTube that convey the inner workings of companies.

On November 15, 2023, Mr. Section Chief posted a post on X explaining the circumstances behind his resignation, which received a huge response with over 20,000 likes.

According to the report, when you click “Unsubscribe” from My Account on the official website, a page appears asking, “Why do you want to cancel your membership?” On this page, a list of some popular videos will be displayed saying “You will no longer be able to watch these contents”, and if you press “Proceed to unsubscribe”, a list of reasons for “unsubscribing” will appear and you will be asked to check. It was done.

If you check one box and then press “Proceed to withdrawal procedure”, the information that says “good value” will be displayed in a large size, and below it will be displayed the message “If you wish to cancel your membership, please contact the department in charge below. ” it said. Contact information was provided by phone or chat.

The manager said he chose to cancel his membership via chat, and DAZN advised him to switch to an annual contract or temporarily suspend the service, which they said was a good deal. However, the manager refused to provide the information, and when asked about the reason for his withdrawal, he did not answer and protested, saying, “Please let me leave as soon as possible,” and asked him to delete his account.

“It should be changed so that you can cancel your membership online.”

Regarding this post, the manager was interviewed by J-CAST News on November 16th, and said the following about being forced to make phone calls and chat during the online cancellation procedure.

“I think the change should be made so that you can cancel your membership online.I can understand if it’s just a survey, but I feel it’s abnormal to receive a phone call/chat after completing multiple surveys. As far as I can tell, a lot of people are empathizing with it.”

As for why DAZN is making the process so complicated, the manager surmised that one reason is to discourage people from canceling their memberships. He also suggested that the survey could be used to increase the efficiency of video investment by conducting a survey asking people about their favorite teams.

So, in order to see if they would actually be stopped from withdrawing or asked to contact them by phone, a reporter from J-CAST News also tried withdrawing after 6 p.m. on the 17th.

The content was exactly as posted by the above-mentioned section manager until I was offered telephone and chat options. When I first called, I was told that there was a customer waiting to talk to the reporter, and the call was connected to a representative within seconds. This time, when I tried chatting, the digital assistant responded and asked if someone was available.

Again, a representative appeared on the chat within a few seconds, and first asked me again if I wanted to withdraw. Next, to begin the process, he again asked me the reason for my withdrawal, just like the section manager. When I wrote the reason, I was informed that I could change to an annual plan with the first 3 months free, and was offered a discount. When I refused, I was further advised as a final confirmation that I could use the temporary suspension feature, which allows me to suspend my account for up to 180 days and automatically restart it on the desired date.

Then, when I asked them to withdraw, they finally started the process. She was told that she would be withdrawing from the service after the 30-day notice period expired, and was asked about any questions she had. When I answered that I didn’t have one, the person replied, “I understand. Thank you for your time,” and the chat ended. Excluding the part where I called, about 10 minutes had passed since I started the cancellation process.

Customer service: “If we deem it necessary, we will contact you again for the interview.”

Regarding the withdrawal issue, the Consumer Affairs Agency’s Transaction Countermeasures Division responded to an interview on November 16, saying, “We cannot comment on specifics about specific companies,” but generally speaking, they will direct you to phone calls and chats. He said this about what he would do.

“Article 11 of the Specified Commercial Transactions Act states that mail-order advertisements must display information regarding withdrawal or cancellation of the contract.It does not regulate the method of cancellation, etc., but if you use telephone or chat, This must also be displayed.Furthermore, regulations have been strengthened under Article 12-6, which was added when the law was amended in June last year, and matters such as cancellation must be displayed on the final confirmation screen when signing a contract. In addition, displays that mislead people are also prohibited.If you are unable to connect by phone or chat due to limited reception hours, this does not mean that information such as cancellation has been displayed.”

According to the Transaction Countermeasures Division, any violation of these provisions will be subject to administrative sanctions. Additionally, if the display misleads the user into thinking that cancellation is possible, the contract can be cancelled.

On the 16th, I sent an email to DAZN’s contact information requesting an interview regarding the complicated procedure for canceling my membership, and after customer service confirmed the details and contacted me, I received a reply on the same day. Then, on the 17th, customer service said that they had reported the details of the interview to the department in charge, and said, “The person in charge will confirm the details, and we will contact you again if we deem it necessary.” I think so,” he replied again. We will let you know as soon as we receive a response from the relevant department.

(Hiroyuki Noguchi, J-CAST News Editorial Department)

The article is in Japanese

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