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Authentic American camper

We picked up interesting campers discovered at the “Yokohama Camper Show” held at Pacifico Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture from October 21st to 22nd, 2023. This time we will introduce a huge camping trailer manufactured by JAYCO.

Best seller made by a long-established American manufacturer

A large number of campers gathered at the Yokohama Camper Show held from October 21st to 22nd at Pacifico Yokohama in the Minato Mirai area. What I found at the Bonanza booth was a huge American JAYCO camping trailer with a rounded front. JAYCO is a long-established camping trailer manufacturer located in Indiana, USA, which manufactures not only camping trailers but also giant motor homes. Let’s pick up one of the many cars exhibited at the venue by Bonanza, the importer, and introduce it to you. The model that caught my attention was the JAY FLIGHT SLX 195RB, which is quite long in overall length.

Advantages of large camping trailers that make you want to get a towing license

Camping trailers do not have power, so they must be towed in order to be moved. According to the description, the 195RB is quite huge, with a total length of 660 cm, total width of 220 cm, and total height of 280 cm. The vehicle weighs approximately 1.3 tons, so a towing license is naturally required. The vehicle towing the vehicle must also have a certain amount of power. Another big problem is parking space. If you’re 6.6m tall, you’ll probably have a hard time finding a parking spot in the city.

There is a reason why camping trailers are still attractive despite these problems. First of all, since it does not have a power source, the vehicle price is quite reasonable compared to a motorhome. Additionally, vehicle inspection and other maintenance costs are relatively low. Also, with this size, you can get a garage certificate at a place like an RV park away from your home. Obtaining a towing license shouldn’t be a high hurdle.

Full of facilities that make you feel at home

When you enter the car through the side door, there is a huge permanent bed in the front of the car that looks just like a home. Behind that is the kitchen and facing dinette. The kitchen is fully equipped with a 2-burner stove, refrigerator, and microwave. It also has luxurious features that you wouldn’t expect from a camper, such as a wardrobe, a flush toilet, and a shower room with a bathtub. It can be said that the fact that such equipment is arranged comfortably inside the car, and it is not cramped to move around inside the car, is something that can only be expected from a large car. By the way, the JAY FLIGHT SLX series has a lineup of models whose sides slide out when stopped, but this 195RB does not have a slide-out mechanism. However, it is still spacious enough.

Pay attention to surprising options

The price is 6.82 million yen (tax included). The vehicle on display was a 2022 model, so the price was 6.38 million yen (tax included) and was limited to just one. If you compare it to a motorhome with a similar size interior, you will find it to be quite reasonable. By the way, Bonanza offers a wide range of options, but one that caught my attention at the venue was a device called the Enduro electric mover. A mechanism that can be installed on the side of a tire and press a roller to rotate the tire. It seems to be useful when making fine adjustments when setting up or connecting a trailer.

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