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The next-generation MSX project first “MSX0” club fan has finally started! -GAME Watch

The next-generation MSX project first “MSX0” club fan has finally started! -GAME Watch
The next-generation MSX project first “MSX0” club fan has finally started! -GAME Watch

Crowdfunding for the first “MSX0” of the next-generation MSX project led by Mr. Kazuhiko Nishi, the creator of the hobby PC MSX, started on January 15, 2023 on the major crowdfunding site “CAMPFIRE”. The support amount starts from 29,999 yen, and a one-month usage ticket for Project EGG is also included. The target amount is 59,998,000 yen. However, since it is implemented with an all-in method, even if the target amount is not reached, the project will be executed and the return will always be delivered.

“MSX0” crowdfunding site


The support amount starts from 29,000 yen, and a one-month use ticket for Project EGG is also included.

We have covered the MSX0 many times in this magazine, so please see that for more details, but in a nutshell, it is a product for IoT that is compatible with MSX2+.

The title of the crowdfunding project is “MSX0 Stack brings back the legendary 8-bit MSX personal computer to become a computer for IoT”, and the product itself is called “MSX0 Stack”. The deadline is March 31st, and returns to supporters (sending products) will start in July 2023. Previously, Mr. Nishi announced on Twitter that the return was scheduled to start from April 20, but it has been changed to July or later because it will be difficult to procure parts in China and the manufacturing lead time will take 2 to 3 months. rice field. It’s a pity that it took a little longer to get it, but for this kind of hardware crowdfunding, it’s still short from deadline to return.

Seven types of support amount menus are available from PLAN A to PLAN G. Plan A is a basic set, and the support amount is 29,999 yen. The returns included in PLAN A are:

[Basic module]
M5Stack Core2 (without bottom housing, battery, microphone, IMU)
M5 Faces II V1.1 bottom base (with 600mAh battery)
QWERTY Panel for M5Stack Faces
Gamepad Panel for M5Stack Faces
FaceII charging base
M5 Stack battery module
1 x USB typeC to typeA cable
Strap for FaceII V1.1
1 seal, 6 fixing hex screws and 1 hex wrench
Individual boxes

MSX-BASIC interpreter
MSX-BASIC compiler
MSX-C library
MSX emulator

[Grove sensor]
Sensor kit (10 pieces)

Zanac MSX version (D4 Enterprise)
Mahjong (ASCII)
D4 Enterprise Co., Ltd. Project EGG ticket (free for registration month)


The basic module is the basic hardware-related part of the MSX0 Stack, which is almost the same as the one explained in the previous article, but the M5Stack battery module is not shown in the previous article, so I will explain it. The M5Stack battery module is a module that can be directly combined with the M5Stack Core2 without using the Faces bottom base, and is convenient for IoT applications that do not require a keyboard or joypad.

[M5Stack battery module]


M5Stack battery module included with all plans. A battery module that is used by combining the bottom of M5Stack Core2, with a built-in 500mAh lithium polymer battery.

10 Grove sensors included

An important point that has not been made clear in previous articles is the Grove sensor. This indicates the direction in which MSX0 is a product for IoT. Grove is a standard for sensors and actuators (powered parts like motors) developed by seeed studio. There are hundreds of types of sensors and actuators compatible with Grove, which can be used for various purposes. The basic set PLAN A comes with basic sensors such as sound sensor, light sensor, temperature & humidity sensor, 3-axis acceleration sensor, barometric pressure sensor, LED, buzzer, organic EL panel, buttons, etc. It can also be connected to the MSX0 Stack to read sensor information and light LEDs.

[10 Grove sensors included in PLAN A]


In addition to sound sensors, light sensors, temperature & humidity sensors, 3-axis acceleration sensors, barometric pressure sensors, LEDs, buzzers, organic EL panels, buttons, etc. are also included.


The MSX0 Stack has a Grove expansion port for connecting Grove sensors

Included games are “Zanac MSX version” and “Mahjong”. Add more?

GAME Watch readers are likely to be interested in the included games, but the compilation “Zanac MSX version” and ASCII’s “Mahjong” are confirmed, and it seems that additional titles are planned. In addition, a ticket for D4 Enterprise’s “Project EGG” is also included, so it seems that some of the MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ titles published by Project EGG can be played (a credit card is required for use, available titles to be selected).

It also comes with extras such as original straps and stickers.

Optional plans can add sensors, LTE modules, etc.

As mentioned above, in this crowdfunding, in addition to the basic set PLAN A, there are 6 types of optional plans from PLAN B to PLAN G. The structure of each plan is as follows.

PLAN B (39,000 yen): PLAN A + MSX0 Stack core2 MSX development kit
PLAN C (34,000 yen): Change the number of Grove sensors attached to PLAN A to 20
PLAN D (42,000 yen): Change the number of Grove sensors attached to PLAN A to 40
PLAN E (45,000 yen): PLAN A + LTE communication module (manufactured by Senseway)
PLAN F (40,000 yen): PLAN A + LoRaWAN communication module (manufactured by Senseway)
PLAN G (40,000 yen): PLAN A + PoE module

All plans include all parts of the basic set PLAN A, and will come with additional modules and sensors. The LTE communication module is a module for accessing the Internet using a mobile phone communication network, and the LoRaWAN communication module is a module for using the power-saving long-distance communication standard “LoRaWAN” for IoT. In addition, the PoE module is a module that not only connects to the network via Ethernet (wired LAN), but also enables power supply.

PLAN C and PLAN D are for those who want to play around with sensors and create something, while PLAN E and PLAN F are for those who want to connect to the Internet and create a full-fledged IoT device. Plan G is recommended.

[PLAN C comes with 20 Grove sensors, and PLAN D comes with 40 Grove sensors]


PLAN C comes with 20 Grove sensors, and PLAN D comes with 40 Grove sensors, so various experiments are possible.

Since the return is a little ahead, we can expect not only the improvement of the completeness of the attached software, but also the addition of attached games.

The article is in Japanese

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