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The name “Ultimate” is true.

Smartwatches make our lives easier. It is said that the existence that can be said to be the original, that is, the wristwatch, was born in the early 19th century. Even in the history of wristwatches, we have continued to take on the challenge of water.diver’s watch“is.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be great to wear a precision instrument like a wristwatch and go into the water? Many watches today are waterproof.HUAWEIcreated a smartwatch that rivals a diver’s watch.

It is equipped with plenty of outdoor functions.HUAWEI WATCH UltimateUltimate is a great place to call it Ultimate, and it’s the perfect test field for this smartwatch.

Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

So, I came to Ibaraki Prefectural Marine High School.This school, which trains fisheries and marine system specialists, has the deepest diving training in Japan.10m deep poolis provided. There is also a sports diving club, and the school puts a lot of effort into diving.

Video: Gizmodo Japan/YouTube

Check the diving function in a pool with a depth of 10m

This man came to such an ultimate pool.

Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

Shigeru Nishitani editorial staff in charge of ultimate planning for Gizmodo Japan. Does that mean you’re wearing a wetsuit with a snorkel?

230506 huawei watchult_04
Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

yes. Actually wearing “HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate”,We will challenge you to dive in this 10m deep pool! Mr. Nishitani is usually an indoor person, but he is actually good at skin diving and swimming.

230506 huawei watchult_05
Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

This time, under the guidance of Mr. Yazawa, who teaches at this school, we will have them try diving. While enjoying diving sports in various ways, we will see the performance of “HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate”. The “HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate” shining on Mr. Yazawa’s wrist is also cool.

Serious specifications that support serious diving

By the way, diving can be broadly divided into two types:free diving” and dive in earnest while carrying a cylinder.scuba divingThe latter is more serious and allows for longer dives.

“HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate”water depth 100mIt is capable of diving up to and has passed the double test of ISO 22810 waterproof standard and EN13319 diving equipment standard. At a depth of 100m, not only recreational diving but also academic diving will come into view, but the specs are enough to cover that.

By the way, most smartwatches are waterproof for daily life or “OK ​​for swimming in shallow water”, and smartwatches that can dive to a depth of 100m are too serious.

230506 huawei watchult_06
Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

Therefore, even the installed apps are abundant and full-fledged. If you turn on the diving function from the side button, the support function according to the mode will be activated.Colorful AMOLED displayBy adoption, visibility in the water is perfect, too.

An example of a feature is that when you dive, you will ascend rapidly.decompression sicknessYou may experience symptoms. The way to avoid this is to ascend slowly,If it rises rapidly, send an alert from your smartwatchYou can also set There are many types of reminders, such as audio buzzers and motors.

230506 huawei watchult_07
Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

After finishing the settings, all you have to do is dive. Mr. Nishitani, welcome!

Video: Gizmodo Japan/YouTube

Mr. Nishitani dives gracefully. Even so, I have good motor nerves…

P4260042 production
Photo: Ryu Sasaki

A state of “HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate” underwater at a depth of 10m. The screen is bright and very easy to see.

230506 huawei watchult_08

Diving logs can be checked using the app on the smartphone side. Looking at the above log, from diving to a depth of nearly 10m to rising,rise time too fastis displayed. If you realize that you were a little early, it should be a reference for your next dive. It seems that the ascent speed is hard to understand if it is a bodily sensation.

230506 huawei watchult_09

In addition to water depth, water temperature can also be recorded. This time I dived into the heated pool, so the water temperature was warm. The water temperature is also an index for choosing the thickness of the wetsuit, and it is also effective in the sense of recording the climate during the diving season.

By the way, divingPost-dive careis also important. This is because nitrogen remains in the body after scuba diving, and it is considered NG to board an airplane in this state. The reason is that nitrogen in the body becomes bubbles due to the difference in air pressure, which puts pressure on the blood vessels.

The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate can even tell you how many hours after you’ve finished diving before you can board a plane. Professor Yazawa also said,It is convenient to see the number of hours before boardingIt’s a professional endorsement.

High robustness is reliable even for everyday use.and cool

230506 huawei watchult_10
Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

One of the reasons why “HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate” achieves high waterproofness is the material of the case.amorphous zirconiumThe case is made of a material that is stronger and more corrosion resistant than titanium or stainless steel. It’s tough enough to withstand a Mars rover drill!

You may think that Ultimate is too much for me… However, in terms of everyday use, it supports 24-hour health management (heart rate, blood oxygen concentration, sleep level, stress level).excellent healthcare watchBut there is.

230506 huawei watchult_11
Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

The heart rate sensor on the back of the housing is also the latest generation. The number of light-receiving parts has been doubled, and the curve of the case has been adjusted to match the wrist skeleton.the battery is14 days with normal useIt is a stamina man that lasts for 8 days even with heavy use.

230506 huawei watchult_12

The health app looks something like this. I still have the log of the previous dive. Of course, in addition to diving, it is equipped with 18 kinds of sports modes. With 5 built-in GPS, you can leave the route record of mountain climbing and cycling perfectly.

Do everything tough.That’s why Ultimate

230506 huawei watchult_14
Photo: Yamada Yuusu type

“HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate”.This sturdiness, versatility, and presenceThere is only the name of UltimateI felt that. I thought, “It’s a high-class design that can be used not only for outdoor activities but also for business.”

It’s the season when activities become fun, and if you go to the sea or mountains with “HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate”, the fun should be expanded many times. A good gadget can make your hobby and life much more enjoyable.

230506 huawei watchult_14

Oh my God, Mr. Nishitani seems to have fallen in love with diving too.

Source: HUAWEI

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