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Michopa confesses that she is the most fragrant person in the entertainment industry. “Just walking down the hallway…” – Model Press


Model Miyu Ikeda, also known as Michopa, will appear on the Nippon Television Network’s “DayDay.” broadcast on the 8th (Monday-Friday from 9am) on VTR. She revealed who has the best scent in the entertainment industry.

Michopa, who has the best scent in the entertainment world?

Michopa (C) Model Press

Michopa attended the “FRAGRANCE Person of the Year” award ceremony at the fragrance event “FRAGRANCE DAY 2023” held in Tokyo. She appeared in an outfit that highlighted her outstanding figure.

IKKO (C) Model press
IKKO (C) Model press

In connection with the same event, the program asked, “Who has the best scent in the entertainment world?” She was worried that “They all smell so good,” but she said, “IKKO is amazing. ‘I understand.’

EXILE TAKAHIRO (C) model press
EXILE TAKAHIRO (C) model press

EXILE TAKAHIRO, who also attended the same event and was interviewed, also sympathized with Michopa, saying, “Every time I receive a present, the scent comes first when I receive it.” (modelpress editorial department)

Michopa, with her beautiful legs and slender upper arms, reveals what she is particular about at home with her husband Shimon Okura

EXILE TAKAHIRO, an episode from his student days when he secretly entered his mother’s room “Show me an interest”

Information: Nippon Television

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