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A modest hope for Hokuto Matsumura and Mone Kamishiraishi, who have a “special relationship” Scene photos from “Everything at Dawn” are released | ORICON NEWS

A new scene photo from the movie “All About Dawn” (to be released on February 9th next year) starring SixTONES’ Hokuto Matsumura and actor Mone Kamishiraishi has been released.

“All About Dawn” Hokuto Matsumura, Mone Kamishiraishi (C) Maiko Seo/2024 “All About Dawn” Production Committee

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This work is a re-teaming of the two who played the role of a married couple in the NHK TV drama series “Come Come Everybody” (late 2021). Playing the role of a colleague, he plays the role of a special relationship where he is the person who has the best understanding. A film adaptation of Maiko Seo’s novel (Suirinsha/Bunshun Bunko). The director is Sho Miyake, who received praise both domestically and internationally for “Keiko: Clear Your Eyes”.

New scene photos have recently been released that explore the special relationship between Yamazoe-kun, played by Matsumura, and Fujisawa-san, played by Kamishiraishi. Once a month, Fujisawa becomes uncontrollably irritated due to PMS (premenstrual syndrome), and one day his colleague Yamazoe’s small act causes him to explode in anger.

However, even though he had just changed jobs, Yamazoe-kun, who seemed unmotivated, was also suffering from panic disorder, had given up on various things, and had lost his purpose and energy in life.

“All About Dawn” Hokuto Matsumura, Mone Kamishiraishi (C) Maiko Seo/2024 “All About Dawn” Production Committee

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Due to his panic disorder, Yamazoe is unable to go to places where he has no escape, such as trains or beauty salons.In the scene where Fujisawa tries to cut the long hair of Yamazoe-kun in his apartment, he is shown suppressing his irritation due to the symptoms of PMS. The scene where Yamazoe-kun, who takes Fujisawa-san outside to calm down after his death, suggests washing his car. Furthermore, the small hope that this work holds resides in the warm expressions of the two of them as they look at the images on the screen at night in the workshop.

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