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“Best Jeanist” Michopa buys 1 million yen denim on live broadcast “If Tsuyoshi Kusanagi recommended it to me…” | ORICON NEWS

Model and talent Miyu Ikeda (25), also known as Michopa, won the general selection category of the 40th Best Jeanist 2023, which determines the celebrity who looks best in jeans, and appeared on stage at a presentation held in Tokyo on the 9th. did. Michopa, who won the award for the second consecutive year since last year, shared an episode full of her “love for denim.”

Miyu Ikeda revealed on a live broadcast that she bought 1 million yen worth of denim (C) ORICON NewS inc.

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On this day, she wore a camisole-type top with gorgeous accessories shining on her décolletage, and asymmetrical shorts that looked like a wrap-around skirt, and boots that generously showed off her beautiful legs. The one below was purchased in Bangkok, Thailand, and he said with a wry smile, “When I put my heart into it, everyone was looking simple and casual.”

Miyu Ikeda (C) ORICON NewS inc. attended the 40th Best Jeanist 2023 Award Ceremony.

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In response to the award, Michopa said, “I use denim-like patterns on the packaging of the products I produce.When I collaborate with apparel brands, the press seems to recognize that when I think of Michopa, it’s denim.” (Please come up with ideas) and I’ve collaborated with them several times to make them.” Michopa = denim is becoming established.

Furthermore, this year, he even bought denim during a live broadcast as a gift for Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the same award in the past. “With only 30 minutes to spare, he recommended something that was far beyond my budget…I didn’t think the price had anything to do with it, but it cost about 1 million yen.” I was surprised at how expensive it was.”I asked them to give me the stock item.”

Miyu Ikeda (C) ORICON NewS inc. attended the 40th Best Jeanist 2023 Award Ceremony.

Miyu Ikeda (C) ORICON NewS inc. attended the 40th Best Jeanist 2023 Award Ceremony.

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Although the budget was around 300,000 yen, he decided to purchase it, saying, “With the power of the live broadcast and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s recommendation, I can’t go wrong.” It was a pretty drastic purchase, but “Isn’t it like Cinderella? I thought it would fit me perfectly and I didn’t want it to be passed on to someone else, so I hurriedly maxed out my credit card in the fitting room and bought it.I have no regrets. I want to grow it even if it takes decades,” he said enthusiastically.

This award is held every year to spread awareness about the quality of jeans. In the “General Selection Category,” 10,000 people from a wide range of ages, from teens to 50s, were randomly selected through a social media survey to vote for the “celebrity who looks best in jeans,” and the results are decided one by one. Similarly, actor Masaki Suda was selected in the “general selection category.”

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