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Hiroko Mita: Signs of relationship restoration | au Web Portal Entertainment News

Hiroko Mita: Signs of relationship restoration | au Web Portal Entertainment News
Hiroko Mita: Signs of relationship restoration | au Web Portal Entertainment News

《I have so many memories of the Ogasawara Riots, which my husband spent a lot of time trying to revive during his time as Hashinosuke.《

On November 2nd, Hiroko Mita (57) posted a photo of the theater for the “Heisei Nakamuraza Kokura Castle Performance” on Instagram and commented: She expressed her deep feelings that her three sons, Hashinosuke (27), Fukunosuke (25), and Utanosuke (22), took over the performing arts from her husband, Shikan Nakamura (58).

Shikan appeared in the “last Kabuki performance” at the National Theater, which closed at the end of last month.

“The Emperor and Empress attended the performance on October 23rd. After the performance, they talked for about 20 minutes with Shikan and others who appeared in the performance.” (National Newspaper Reporter)

Although Shikan played a “major role”, he did not return home to the home he shared with Mita.

“At the end of the year before last, Mr. Shibakan was reported to have had a secret meeting at a hotel with an ordinary woman in her 40s in Kyoto City.This is the third time that Mr. Mita has been reported to have had an affair, and it seems that Mr. Mita’s patience has run out. Mr. Shibakan. He was forced to leave his home in Tokyo and has been living separately since last spring.” (Risono source)

At the time, Mita was directly interviewed by a weekly magazine and explained the reason for their separation as follows.

“The house next door was undergoing renovations and the ground was shaking so bad that I felt sick when my husband was home. The construction work was scheduled to last until the end of August, so I ended up staying in my second home.” (Weekly Post, September 9, 2022 issue)

The above-mentioned Rion official said:

“At first, Ms. Mita said, “My husband said he would return home once the neighbor’s construction was finished.”

In mid-October, this magazine witnessed Shikan driving himself to his parents’ villa after finishing a performance at the National Theater. The next day at noon, he drove himself from that house to the National Theater.

“Of course, the remodeling of the house next door has been completed.However, Mr. Mita was disappointed that Mr. Shikan, who had repeatedly had affairs, showed no signs of remorse.”

On October 4th, Mita appeared on the live radio program “Panther Mukai’s Flat ”, she revealed that she had changed her hairstyle and confessed, “I think I’ll be able to fall in love one or two more times!” There was also a scene where personality Mukai panicked and said, “This is a difficult place to step into…”.

“Mr. Mita originally had a strong desire not to sadden his father, who said that “husband and wife are meant to be together for a lifetime.” That father also passed away suddenly this summer.Depending on Mr. Shikan’s future actions, she may also decide to divorce. I might think seriously about it.” (Rion official mentioned above)

One year after the “renovation lie”, there are no signs of the relationship being repaired.

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