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Haraichi Iwai gets married to 19-year-old Satsuki Okumori[Full comment]| ORICON NEWS

Haraichi Iwai gets married to 19-year-old Satsuki Okumori[Full comment]| ORICON NEWS
Haraichi Iwai gets married to 19-year-old Satsuki Okumori[Full comment]| ORICON NEWS
Yuki Iwai (37) of the comedy duo Haraichi announced through his agency on the 13th that he has married talent Satsuki Okumori (19).

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The two co-star on TV Tokyo’s “Oha Suta” and have already informed their parents about their marriage. You can expect to hear good news on Fuji TV’s “Poka Poka,” which will be broadcast tomorrow on the 14th, and on TBS Radio’s “Haraichi no Turn,” which will be broadcast late on the 16th.

Iwai was born in Saitama Prefecture in 1986. He made his debut as Haraichi in 2006 with his childhood friend Yu Sawabe since kindergarten. While appearing on variety shows, his literary talent is also attracting attention, with his essay “No Incidents Happening in My Life” (Shinchosha) becoming a bestseller.

Among his many hobbies, Okumori is particularly fond of comedy, and is such a freak that he watches 150 stories every month and listens to about 30 hours of radio programs every week. In a discussion to discuss the appeal of TBS Radio’s famous late-night slot “JUNK”, he appeared in the “Monday JUNK Ijuin Hikaru Late Night Bakuriki” and “Tuesday JUNK Bakusho Problem Cowboy” parts, and had a talk with Iwai and XXCLUB’s Ikuhiro Oshima. was.

■Haraichi Yuki Iwai comment
I have recently decided to marry Satsuki Okumori.
When we started dating at the beginning of this year, I told her that we had to think about making our relationship public at some point as we both work in the public eye, but I had already made up my mind from the beginning. It seemed like it. I fell in love with her strong core and her way of life, and while I was dating her, I realized that she was someone I could honestly respect, so I told her my intentions.
She made me think that from now on, I want to be able to support another woman.
As Yuki Iwai of Haraichi, I will do my best as a husband. We are still inexperienced, but we appreciate your continued support. I’ll leave the details on the radio.
November 13, 2023 Yuki Iwai

■Satsuki Okumori comment
I have recently decided to marry Yuki Haraichi Iwai.
The person I had always admired and watched on TV became someone important to me as we started dating and over time, I wanted to protect him. I respect him both as a professional and as a man, and his self-reliance towards his work and his uncompromising attitude are my ideal image.
When I saw Mr. Iwai, who harshly pointed out my mistakes and kindly taught me when I was in a difficult situation, I was convinced that we would spend our lives together.
We hope to build a relationship in the future where we can help each other and improve through friendly competition.
Thank you for your continued support.
November 13, 2023 Satsuki Okumori

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