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Takarazuka Revue’s emergency press conference: “Curling iron burns are a common occurrence” – Sirabee


On the 14th, an emergency press conference was held regarding the death of a female member of the Takarazuka Revue and Cosmos Troupe in September of this year. There are some people who feel uncomfortable with the report presented at the press conference.

■Chairman and others take the podium

On September 30th, a female theater company member fell to her death from her apartment in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture. According to police investigation, it appears to be a suicide.

At the press conference, Chairman of the Board Mr. Takeyuki Kiba, Managing Director Mr. Koji Murakami, and Director/Production Manager Mr. Mutsuyuki Iba took the stage, and various information was announced based on the results of an investigation team made up of outside lawyers. .

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■Report on burns

One of the issues that has attracted attention in this issue is whether there was bullying in which a hair iron was intentionally pressed against the forehead.

The summary of the hair iron incident is that on August 14, 2021, a female theater troupe member was receiving hairstyle guidance from Space Troupe member A in the locker room when A tried to curl the deceased’s bangs with a hair iron. When he did so, he hit his forehead and suffered burns.

In an interview with a nurse at the troupe’s clinic, she said, “Burns caused by curling irons are commonplace within the troupe, so we don’t keep records,” and a photo taken the next day shows the first joint of the little finger. A brown scratch about the size of the tip could be seen.

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■There are many voices of discomfort.

Afterwards, the theater company stated that while it was true that he had been burned with a hair iron, there was no evidence that he had forced her, and that they had sent a fax to the weekly magazine that had reported on the incident, stating that it was unfounded.

Although the investigation was reported in a matter-of-fact manner, there was a lot of confusion on the internet.hairironWouldn’t it be bad if you had burns on a daily basis?“”hair ironI use it every day and it doesn’t cause any burns.“When I iron someone else’s hair, I’m much more nervous and careful than when I’m ironing my own hair.”

Also,”Takarazukasaw the press conference ofMoyamoyadoing”, and future responses are also attracting attention.


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