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[Kohei Matsushita Interview]I made this with respect for “R&B,” which is my musical roots. | OKMusic

[Kohei Matsushita Interview]I made this with respect for “R&B,” which is my musical roots. | OKMusic
[Kohei Matsushita Interview]I made this with respect for “R&B,” which is my musical roots. | OKMusic

Kohei Matsushita, who is active as an actor and musician, has completed a full-length album for the second year in a row, following the release of his first full-length album “POINT TO POINT” last November. This work was named “R&ME” with respect for R&B, which he professes to be his roots. We asked them to share their thoughts on the new album, which has a rich variety of content, including the lead single “Nonfiction.”

Me and the music again
I felt like we were inseparable.

This time, the title “R&ME” is impressive. I think it’s connected to the concept, but could you please tell me the origin?

My musical roots are originally black music such as R&B and soul, and I grew up listening to that kind of music, so this album has a lot of songs with that taste. I don’t think it’s necessary to be bound by genre, but I chose “R&ME” to show my respect for the R&B genre. Also, while creating the song, I once again realized that music is an inseparable existence for me, so I chose the title to mean “Rhythm and Me” and “Music and Me.”

This album was released about a year after the previous album “POINT TO POINT”, so it seems like your music career is progressing smoothly.

I think it’s important to keep creating. By constantly releasing and announcing music, I want to get people to know me not only as an actor, but also as a musician. It can be difficult at times, but I’m having fun doing it.

When I listened to his previous album, I felt that he had a wide range of musical backgrounds, but when I listened to this album, I felt that he had a wider range of music as there were songs that were not on his previous album.

I wanted to try different types of songs, so the content was rich in variety.

“Nonfiction”, which was released in July, also has a different feel from the previous work, and it felt like the first move leading to this album.

Since we debuted with “Tsuyogari” (single released in August 2021), we have come full circle from the mini album, distribution single, full album, national tour, and the release of a video work containing the live performance, so “nonfiction” I wanted it to be Chapter 2, or rather, a song about going through various things from here and moving on to the next step. It’s a song about everyday life and trivial happiness, but I wanted to start the second round with a bright song, so I had Shinko Ogura write a catchy melody, and I also wanted to write a catchy melody, and I also wanted to write a catchy melody, and I also wanted to write a catchy melody, and I also wanted to write a catchy melody, and I also wanted to write a catchy melody, and I also wanted to write a catchy melody, and I also wrote a catchy melody. I wanted to finish it according to the genre, so I asked AGO to serve as the arranger.

It’s a song that you wrote the lyrics yourself, so it’s perfect for the beginning of Chapter 2.

thank you. I wrote the lyrics for “Nonfiction” myself because I wanted to convey the feelings that come from within. With that in mind, the first song I collaborated with Ogura-san on this album, “I Think of You,” was a song that I wanted to listen to, a delicate love song that only Ogura-san could write. Considering Seed’s fan mentality, I asked him to write the lyrics as well as the music. We worked together once for “Non-Fiction,” and we actually met and talked about all kinds of things, and we both said things like, “Mr. Ogura, you usually think about things like this when you make music.” Now that I know that, I have a lot of trust in them.

I felt very comfortable with the flow of the beginning of the album, from “Thinking of You” to “Non-Fiction,” and the first song on the album is also the song that gives the album its impression, so “Thinking of You” also became an important song. .

yes. We also shot a music video for this song. The music video unfolds a story that follows the story of the song, and stars actors Shogo Hama and Kurumi Shimizu. I’m also appearing in other parts besides the drama part, but I’ve never done a story-based MV like this before, so I hope you enjoy it.

How did you decide on the order of the songs?

After all the songs came out, I had one last thought. I wanted the 10th song “Tanpopo” to be the last song, and considering the type of song, I thought “I Think of You” would be the best song to be the first song. I started thinking about the second and subsequent songs based on that.

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