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Cast announcement for the movie “Ikoku Nikki” with 15-year-old newcomer Ichi Hayase selected to play Yui Aragaki’s “opposite role” | ORICON NEWS

New cast members have been announced for the live-action film “Ikoku Nikki” (released in 2024), starring actor Yui Aragaki. After an audition, newcomer Ikari Hayase was selected to play the role of Asa Tagumi, the niece of the main character, Makio Takashiro, played by Aragaki. The first cut of the movie, which captures Aragaki and Hayase’s appearance of Makio and Asa, has also been released. The appearance and sense of distance between the two walking on the beach looking into the distance is exactly the image of the original, and it looks like they just jumped out of the manga. The cut makes you wonder what will happen to the relationship between the two.

Yui Aragaki and Iki Hayase co-star in the first cut of the movie “Ikoku Nikki” (released in 2024) (C) 2024 “Ikoku Nikki” Production Committee

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This work is based on the manga of the same name by Tomoko Yamashita, known for works such as “HER” and “Night Outside the Triangular Window”. A story about the age difference between a shy novelist and his niece, a junior high school student who lost her parents in an accident. The director is Natsuki Seta, who directed “PARKS” (2017) and “Diorama Boy Panorama Girl” (2020).

Hayase, who will be appearing in a movie for the first time as a main cast member and co-starring with Aragaki, said, “When I heard the news that I passed the audition, I was more relieved to be able to play Asa than I was happy.I was nervous. There were some things I didn’t understand, but I consulted the director and Mr. Aragaki about things I didn’t understand, and with their help I was able to finish filming safely.The presence of both of them was very reassuring.I was also supported by all my co-stars. , I am filled with gratitude,” he commented.

Director Seta explained the reason for choosing her, saying, “I was able to meet 15-year-old Ikuri Hayase, who is still new to the world.She has the intelligence to gently draw the complexities of a teenager into her.” ing.

Also cast are Kaho as Nana Daigo, Makio’s friend, Koji Seto as Shingo Kasamachi, Makio’s ex-lover, and Risa Komiyama as Emiri Nara, Asa’s best friend.

Kaho expressed her joy at participating, saying, “I’m very happy to be able to participate in the live-action adaptation of Ikoku Nikki, which I’ve always loved and read,” and Seto said, “I want to change for someone, and respect someone.” “I realized once again that it enriches my life in many ways,” he says of the real pleasure of the work. Komiyama is confident in her compatibility with Hayase, saying, “During the filming, I was always next to Hayase Iki-chan, who plays Asa, and I think I was able to naturally build a relationship similar to Asa and Emiri.” is peeking out.


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