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Lead actor Narukawa made an “inappropriate comment” at an event for the stage play “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.” Audiences flooded with criticism, organizers and himself apologized “It was an expression that ruined everything.”: J-CAST News[View full text]


On November 14, 2023, the organizer of the play “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle” based on the masterpiece by author Haruki Murakami posted on X (formerly Twitter) that inappropriate remarks were made at a talk event for the performance held on the same day. apology. Narukawa, the actor who plays the main character, Toru Okada, also apologized for his comments on his blog.

Narukawa’s comments appear to have contained misogynistic content, with users who appeared to be spectators posting criticism on social media, with comments such as “You did a good job of saying that” and “Everything was ruined.”

  • From the official website of the stage play “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”

  • From Narikawa's blog

    From Narikawa’s blog

  • From the official website of the stage play “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”
  • From Narikawa's blog

“It was an expression that ruined everything.”

On stage, actors Daichi Watanabe and Narukawa will play the two main characters, and Mugi Kadowaki will play the high school girl Mei Kasahara. It premiered in 2020, but the performance period was shortened due to the new coronavirus. It was re-performed on November 7, 2023.

The issue was a comment made by Narukawa at a talk event held on the 14th. Users who appeared to be in the audience posted on social media, “That was an insult to women’s bodies,” “I thought I’d never say that,” and “Everything was ruined.”

On the same day, the organizer issued an apology via X, saying, “As the organizer, we deeply apologize for the inappropriate expressions that were said in some of the comments made during the talk event held after today’s performance.” He said he would work to prevent it from happening again.

On the same day, Narukawa also apologized on his blog, saying, “I made a terribly wrong and inappropriate expression.It was an expression that ruined everything after everyone had enjoyed the work.” He said, “I am ashamed from the bottom of my heart for my thoughtless and vulgar language, even though I was dealing with a sensitive work, and I am repenting.”

Regarding the content of his statement, he said, “There were other things I wanted to say and names.The fact that I dared to express them in such a childish way was just my own naivety and lack of thought.” I now realize that it was a manifestation of my own words,” and commented, “I would like to take a serious look at myself once again about my qualifications for handling words.”

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