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15th Ranking of the “face that men want to have” | ORICON NEWS

  • He’s about a year older than me, but I think his dandy and cool old man feel is the ideal way to age. (Hiroshima Prefecture, 20s)
  • Because it’s sexy and masculine (Gunma Prefecture/30s)
  • It’s cool even for men. If possible, I would like to have a voice as well (Kanagawa Prefecture/50s)


  • Because I admire the coolness and coolness of being older (Chiba Prefecture/20s)
  • Cool with a friendly face without being pretentious (Aomori Prefecture/40s)
  • Nihilistic and cool, with a wonderful smile (Oita Prefecture/50s)

Hidetoshi Nishijima (→2nd place)


  • A good-looking face that appeals to everyone (Aomori Prefecture/Teen)
  • She has a coolness that makes even men fall in love with her. I want to look like that and be unparalleled (Tokyo/20s)
  • I think he’s symmetrical and looks handsome and handsome even to people of the same sex (Hyogo Prefecture/30s)

Ryo Yoshizawa (↑4th place)


  • Because they have eyes that attract you (Tokyo/30s)
  • Because he has a nice face. Also, he has the strength and toned body that makes him the best in the world in Kyokushin Karate (Tokyo/40s)
  • Sharp eyes and a narrow-eyed smile, wild coolness. I admire a face like this (Hokkaido / 50s)

Yokohama Ryusei (↑5th place)


  • Because it makes me feel the sex appeal of an adult man (Saitama Prefecture / 30s)
  • Dark but clean face (Tokyo/30s)
  • The bridge of the nose is straight and sexy even for men (Aichi Prefecture/40s)

Hiroshi Tamaki (↑7th place)


  • I like the gap because I feel that she has an adult charm, but also the cuteness and dignifiedness of her smile (Nagasaki Prefecture/Teen)
  • It combines cuteness, coolness, and eroticism (Tokyo/30s)
  • Ideal type for men of the same age (Kanagawa Prefecture/40s)

Satoshi Tsumabuki (↑8th place)


  • Not just her face, but also adorable (Fukui Prefecture/20s)
  • Because she has an anime-level face (Kanagawa Prefecture/30s)
  • I want to experience a life where I look like this and am popular (Shizuoka Prefecture/50s)

Sho Hirano (out of range last year)


  • Because you can feel the intellectual atmosphere (Saitama Prefecture/30s)
  • It’s well-balanced and doesn’t seem to deteriorate much as I get older (Oita Prefecture/40s)
  • Because he’s a handsome guy with a thin face (Saitama Prefecture/40s)

Ken Sato (↓6th place)


  • Stylish face, looks like she can wear a lot of different clothes (Chiba Prefecture/30s)
  • Because he has a handsome face (Saga Prefecture/30s)
  • Because he’s a warm and handsome guy (Tokyo/40s)

Masaki Okada (out of range last year)


  • Because he feels like a refreshing, sophisticated and classic handsome guy (Tokyo, 30s)
  • In fact, she has a face that can handle everything from hard to soft without being offensive. (Kagoshima Prefecture, 40s)
  • Being smart and refreshing (Kyoto Prefecture/50s)

Kento Yamazaki (↓9th place)


*Kento Yamazaki’s Saki Hatatsuzaki
*Masaharu Fukuyama won his fifth consecutive ranking in 2013 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

15th Ranking of “faces men want to have” Overall TOP10

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the wave of diversity, men’s interest in beauty is increasing year by year. The market for cosmetics and cosmetics for men is also booming. What kind of face do modern men aspire to? ORICON NEWS has announced its annual project, “The 15th Ranking of the Faces Men Want to Have”.As a result, the actor’s[Yutaka Takenouchi]took first place and is on the verge of becoming a Hall of Famer, which requires five consecutive wins.

An actor in his early 50s who is both wild and cute.

I thought that young actors would appear as objects of admiration, but this time too.[Yutaka Takenouchi]won first place. Takenouchi, who turns 52 this year, has won four consecutive championships, marking the fifth time he has won first place in this ranking.

Of course, support from members of the same sex,“I think she’s getting more attractive as she gets older.”(Saitama Prefecture/Teen),“He’s a little older than me, but I think his dandy and cool old man feel is the ideal way to age.”(Hiroshima Prefecture/20s) There were also many comments from younger people. It seems that the “bitterness” that we cannot express yet is attractive.

From over 30s“A face that is both wild and cute, perfect for extreme roles.”(Fukuoka Prefecture/30s),“He’s a classic good-looking guy, and he’s cool no matter who sees him.”(Tokyo/40s) There were many voices of praise.

Also,“It’s cool even for men. If possible, I’d like to have a voice as well.”(Kanagawa Prefecture, 50s) It seems that he admires not only his face but also his deep, deep voice.

The final episode of the popular drama “Stepmom and Daughter’s Blues” in which Takenouchi appears as her late husband Ryoichi Miyamoto, “Stepmom and Daughter’s Blues FINAL 2024 Happy New Year Special” (TBS) will be broadcast on January 2, 2024. In the film, you can see Takenouchi’s cheerful and gentle smile that calms those around him.

Ideal face and body!Cool and cool middle-age representative

2nd place goes to the drama “What Did You Eat Yesterday?” in which he co-stars with Seiyo Uchino. Season 2” (TV Tokyo)[Hidetoshi Nishijima]is ranked in. They maintained last year’s ranking and received overwhelming support from male fans.

Nishijima is also 52 years old, the same as No. 1 Takenouchi. The melancholy and bitterness that comes out as she ages has made her popular among women as well, and her name has come up as a representative of the “cool guy.”

There are also male users in Nishijima.“He has a friendly face and is cool without being pretentious.”(Aomori Prefecture/40s),“Nihilistic and cool, with a wonderful smile”(Oita Prefecture / 50s) with envious eyes. As we grow older, age inevitably appears on our faces,“It has both sourness and youthfulness.”(Ishikawa Prefecture / 30s) The reason he chose him was because he has a boyish personality that never changes no matter how old he is.

Currently airing “What did you eat yesterday?” ”, Nishijima plays Shiro Kakei (commonly known as Shiro-san), a lawyer who is a good cook, meticulous, and frugal. In a complete change from the warm atmosphere, from the 23rd he will be playing the role of Mitsuhide Akechi in director Takeshi Kitano’s latest film “Kubi”.

The symmetrical beauty: “I want to look like that and be unrivaled.”

He has also been inducted into the Hall of Fame in the “ViVi National Treasure Class Handsome Men Ranking”[Ryo Yoshizawa]has moved up one place from last year to enter the top three.

Yoshizawa has a lot of support from women,“She has a coolness that makes even men fall in love with her. I want to look like that and be unrivaled.”(Tokyo/20s), which garnered votes from young men in particular, and ranked 3rd.

 “A well-shaped face that appeals to everyone”(Aomori Prefecture/Teen),“The size and balance of the eyes and nose are perfect. If I had drawn a picture of my ‘ideal face’ when I was a child, this is what my face would have looked like.”(Kanagawa Prefecture, 30s), received rave reviews for his handsome features.

This year, the live-action version of the popular anime “Tokyo Revengers 2” will be released in April with “Bloody Halloween Arc – Decisive Battle” and “Bloody Halloween Arc – Decisive Battle” in June. He played Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey, the president of the Tokyo Mankai, and captivated not only female fans but also male fans.

Two people from outside the area made it into the top 10 last year!

It is also a hot topic that he formed a new group “Number_i” with Yuta Jinguji and Yuta Kishi.[Sho Hirano]was ranked 7th. She currently has 4.091 million followers on Instagram, where she often posts private photos. Future activities are attracting attention.

 “It’s because she has an anime-quality face.”(Kanagawa Prefecture, 30s) and Hirano, who has appeared in many anime and live-action films, gives an impression of his strong features.“I want to experience a life where I look like this and become popular.”(Shizuoka Prefecture / 50s) There were also some comments that seemed delusional.

Although he is a regular in the same ranking, it is his first time in the top 10 since 2021.[Masaki Okada]appeared in 9th place. The movie “Yutoridabutanika Kanojo no International” in which she plays the leading role is currently in theaters, and she plays the main character, Masakazu Sakama, well.

Okada has an attractive handsome face.Even in the comments“Because he’s warm and handsome.”(Tokyo/40s)“The coolest and coolest ideal image”(Tokyo/50s) Many men are fascinated by the sweet mask. He is tall at 182cm,“You have a stylish face, and you can wear a lot of different clothes.”(Chiba Prefecture, 30s) With her well-groomed face and style, she seems to enjoy any kind of fashion.

[Survey overview]
Survey period: October 4th (Wednesday) to October 10th (Tuesday), 2023
Survey target: 500 people in total (men in their teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s who are members of our own survey panel[Oricon Monitor Research])
Survey method: Internet survey
Research agency: Oricon Monitor Research

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