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Anne Hathaway, now 41, shows off a beautiful photo wearing a see-through bra and talks about age discrimination in Hollywood | Pen Online

Anne Hathaway. From his own Instagram. annehathaway-Instagram

Anne Hathaway is popular for her multi-talented work, appearing in many hit movies such as “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Les Misérables,” which won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and also serving as an ambassador for Bvlgari and Shiseido. He celebrated his 41st birthday on November 12th and opened up about aging and career, showing off his bold look for the online magazine Porter.

Anne, who made her film debut in 2001 by playing the heroine in “Pretty Princess,” in which a plain high school girl suddenly finds out that she is the princess of a small European country, has been in the spotlight for over 20 years, winning an Oscar. Since then, he has had a smooth career. However, when she entered the industry as a teenager, she was told that her career would fall off a cliff at the age of 35, a time limit for her success.

Confessing the ageism that exists in Hollywood

Anne, who previously revealed that she was labeled as a “no longer young actress” when she was in her early 30s, confessed to Porter magazine that she was told at the start of her career that her career would end at 35. . Although she said some studio executives still hold these ageist beliefs, she said she is grateful to have the job.

“Many women are facing the same situation,” says Ann, who is not yet in a situation where she can be happy, but “During this time, more women have been able to have long careers, which is great.” “I think so,” he says, referring to the changing times. On the other hand, she says, “There is much to be proud of, but there is also much to correct,” and she calls for further change.


Reveal your thoughts on the work

“I feel very happy when I think that I’m a part of someone’s life,” she says of her work as an actress.She says it’s a joy to see the work she appears in continue to live on in people’s lives even after it’s released. talk. Anne also describes herself as “ambitious” and says she has “goals and dreams, which haven’t changed much from when I was younger and I still pursue them.” She also revealed that she lives life greedily.

Photos of people wearing see-through bras are also released.

Anne also shows off her bare skin and just a see-through bra at Porter. Her bold look shows her bra peeking out from under the long coat she wears over her jeans, and the photo where she wears a jacket over her bra and looks at the camera with a smile, all expressing her adult charm. Anne’s latest look, which has changed from her classic, elegant fashion to a more stylish style, has been praised by fans, with comments such as “So young” and “You don’t feel your age”.


Showing off her see-through bra.


Anne Hathaway on the cover of Porter.


Anne Hathaway flaunts a bold dress on the red carpet.



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