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Three mobile companies join forces on X, Apple supports side loading? etc.–Read the weekly popular articles diagonally (November 10th to November 16th) – CNET Japan


We will introduce the top five articles that were particularly popular from among the articles published on CNET Japan for one week (November 10-16, 2023). What kind of articles attracted the attention of readers?

First place:Mr. Mikitani and other top executives of three mobile phone companies are making a united front with X – “Complete privatization of NTT, which has an optical fiber network developed with tax money, is a foolish idea.”

From the top, posts by Makoto Takahashi, Representative Director and President of KDDI, Junichi Miyagawa, Representative Director, President, Executive Officer and CEO of Softbank, and Hiroshi Mikitani, Representative Director, Chairman and President of Rakuten Group.

The top executives of Rakuten Group, KDDI, and Softbank updated X (formerly Twitter) one after another from the night of November 14th to the morning of November 15th. He expressed his opinion in response to reports that a policy to abolish the NTT Act is being solidified within the Liberal Democratic Party. Telecommunications companies reiterated their stance that they support the revision of the NTT Act, but oppose its abolition.

2nd place:Will Apple support sideloading in iOS 17.2?

Provided by: June Wan/ZDNET

Apple is reportedly considering allowing sideloading of apps on iOS.

Sideloading refers to installing third-party apps without going through the official app store. Google, for example, doesn’t allow users to install apps from outside its official store unless they disable security settings, because third-party app stores can distribute apps that contain malicious code.

3rd place:JAL to start new program “Life Status” from January — JAL Global Club membership criteria to change

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced on November 14th that it will start the “JAL Life Status Program” from January 2024. “Life Status Points,” which are lifetime achievement points accumulated through flight boarding, etc., will be eligible for “JAL Global Club membership” and benefits for each of the six newly established “Star Grades” depending on the total number of points held.

4th:Balmuda’s second downward revision makes it feel like a new product is showing signs of revival amidst the state of emergency declaration

Mr. Gen Terao, President and CEO of Balmuda

Mr. Gen Terao, President and CEO of Balmuda

Bermuda announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2023 (January to September 2023). Sales decreased by 36.3% from the same period last year to 7,955 million yen, and operating income fell from 157 million yen in the same period last year to a deficit of 1,143 million yen.

Regarding initiatives for fiscal 2024, Balmuda President Terao declared, “We are currently in a state of emergency.” He emphasized the company’s stance of “working towards achieving profitability as quickly as possible and returning to a growth trend as soon as possible.”

5th place:Apple Watch’s double-tap function is more convenient than expected–expectations for the future are growing

Provided by: Richard Peterson/CNET

Provided by: Richard Peterson/CNET

The new 2023 Apple Watch will feature a double-tap gesture as a new control method. In this article, a US CNET reporter reviews the operating methods.

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