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Tomoya Nagase, reaction to weekly magazine? “I’ll make you realize how scary it is to be a person with nothing to lose.” Fans are worried about the meaningful post: J-CAST News[Show full text]


Former TOKIO member Tomoya Nagase made a meaningful post on Instagram Stories on November 16, 2023, attracting attention.

  • Tomoya Nagase (Photographed in 2018)

  • From Tomoya Nagase's Instagram

    From Tomoya Nagase’s Instagram

  • Tomoya Nagase (Photographed in 2018)
  • From Tomoya Nagase's Instagram

“I’ll show you how scary it is to be a person with nothing to lose.”

Nagase left Johnny’s Entertainment and the group in March 2021. On her Instagram, she has been posting photos of her hobbies of biking and fishing.

Regarding Nagase, on the 15th, a woman herself published an article stating, “Tomoya Nagase was spotted eating alone on his birthday…” She reported that Nagase visited her diner and that she was eating alone.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Nagase posted an image with a photo of a guitar and cables in the background, with the words “I’ve given up on many things, and I’ll show you how scary it is to be a person with nothing to lose” written in red.

In the next post, he posted a video of the circuit as “Bocchi Asia Corner.” He attached a photo of himself riding a motorcycle and wrote, “It’s lonely being alone, so I’ll be waiting for you at MAX10. He’s a lonely bugger racer.” A bagger race is a race held on super-heavyweight big bikes.

On X (Twitter), a number of voices expressed concern that Nagase’s post was an answer to the reports that she was a “lonely meal” even though she had withdrawn from the public eye.

There was also a post asking TOKIO members, “Could you please go check on me? As long as I’ve been in touch with you and you don’t have any worries, that’s fine.”

“Nagase-san, what’s wrong? This could also be interpreted as a declaration of war against weekly magazines…”
“Is Tomoya Nagase okay? I saw him on Instagram, but I’m worried.”
“If anyone close to Tomoya Nagase is watching, I’m sure they are concerned about him, but please go check on him.”
“Nagase-kun…I’m feeling uneasy and worried…”
“Tomoya Nagase has an honest personality. I’m worried about his mental health right now.”

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