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“Sexy Tanaka-san” P talks about the behind-the-scenes of the belly dance scene. “Applause” for Haruka Kinami’s efforts[Interview]| ORICON NEWS

“Sexy Tanaka-san” P talks about the behind-the-scenes of the belly dance scene. “Applause” for Haruka Kinami’s efforts[Interview]| ORICON NEWS
“Sexy Tanaka-san” P talks about the behind-the-scenes of the belly dance scene. “Applause” for Haruka Kinami’s efforts[Interview]| ORICON NEWS
The Nippon Television drama series “Sexy Tanaka-san” (every Sunday at 10:30 p.m.) is currently being aired. At work, Ms. Tanaka (Haruka Kinami), a “plain” office worker around 40, who wears glasses and ties her black hair tightly and concentrates on her work, transforms into Sali, a belly dancer. By chance, she learns about her secret side and becomes friends with Shuri (Ikumi Airu), a temporary worker who has become a huge fan of hers, and gradually changes the world around her. We spoke to producer Akio Oi about the reason for choosing Kinami, who will be starring in the GP belt for the first time, and the fascinating belly dance scene.

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■The life-sized main character who is not a superwoman is offered to Kinami, who shows off her “range of movement”

Mr. Oi was drawn to the original work, which is both a romantic comedy and a human drama, and decided to make it into a drama. “Ms. Tanaka, who is neither a superwoman nor just a plain woman, has a difficult role to play.When I was thinking about who I would ask her to play, I realized that when I previously worked with Ms. Kinami on “Nonrem no Mado,” I had seen her in the play up close. I saw her range and had the impression that she was an actress who could play both serious and comedic roles, so I made her an offer.She was a perfect match for my image, and I have seen her in previous works where she wears the same glasses as Ms. Tanaka. I looked for it, and I thought it looked good on me (lol),” he said, showing confidence from the casting.

When it comes to acting, he says, “Mr. Tanaka doesn’t try to change the people around him.The story is about the people around Mr. Tanaka changing around him, and then Mr. Tanaka tries to change who he is.” It’s not like I’m conscious of that, so I talked with Kinami-san about how I want to cherish Tanaka-san’s mysterious charm and dual nature.”

Among them, “Mr. Tanaka is a lonely person by nature, so he shouldn’t go this far.” We also received opinions about things that Mr. Tanaka “doesn’t do.” Also, Mr. Tanaka, who became forty-shouldered in episode 4. Usually, I tie my hair up with an elastic band at work, but when I do that, the elastic band is in a different position than usual.I have forty shoulders and can’t lift my arms all the way up, so the knot is out of place. Mr. Kinami also suggested this point. We are always receiving ideas such as, “How about something like this?” “Kinami’s own perspective can also be useful.

In addition, “In the second episode, when Akari-chan and Tanaka-san part ways after eating pancakes, Tanaka-san is waving at the bottom of the room.The feeling of “wanting to wave” in a modest manner appears. It’s very detailed, but I think the viewers will find Tanaka smiling as well.This is a natural move from Kinami-san.”

“I think Kinami-san has a variety of patterns, and he can change the way he acts depending on the person he’s playing with.If he flips a switch, it only looks like Tanaka-san is moving. When it comes to people, whether it’s Akari or Shono (Katsuya Maikuma), there are many angry, rude, and “active” people, but Tanaka-san is calm and quiet.That gap is interesting.Suit yourself for the person you’re talking about. “I feel like I’m being adjusted,” he says, admiring his ability to blend into the atmosphere of the person he’s dealing with without feeling out of place.

■I’m impressed by Airu Ikumi’s “instantaneous power” The “realist Akari” that she also empathizes with is fully featured.

On the other hand, Akari is cute, but she has an angry outburst towards Shono, but she also has a naivete, which is perfect for Ikumi. “Mr. Ikumi is very fast. Mr. Ikumi also comes to the set with his own acting plan, but if you say, “Do you have this kind of interpretation?” I can’t change the direction if I’m told to do so.I received some inquiries about my hair to match the character of the original work.It seems that Mr. Ikumi himself sympathizes with Akari, who is a realist, I actually asked them to make that clear.”

Kinami and Ikumi are actually “shy” people. “The combination is very good. Both Kinami-san and Ikumi-san are shy, and when they first started working they were in a shy mode, but as filming progressed, their conversations increased, and this was linked to Tanaka-san and Akari in the drama. It makes me smile, and everyone is watching over me,” she said, revealing her cute side.

Belly dancing is a big highlight of this work, but “Mr. Kinami told me that he wanted to start practicing right away, so he started training four months before the start of production.He practiced once or twice a week, and was able to do it on set.” He was able to make it perfect, so I think his efforts are commendable. Even in between filming, he was practicing on his own with earphones in his ears.”

Ms. Tanaka’s transformation, which is 180 degrees different from her appearance at work, is also attracting attention. “It takes more time than usual makeup, and it takes 1-2 hours.The dress was also tailored to Ms. Kinami.” “Since it’s a dance, it’s difficult to dance if it doesn’t fit your body type, so I look for one that fits and have it custom-made.”

“In belly dancing, for example, you can’t dance to this song in this costume, or you can’t do this for this song…There are some rules that people might not understand when watching, so I talked with the supervising teacher and said, “ I try to create a belly dance scene that would look like it would be seen by a professional.Normally, I would like to shoot from different angles or slow, and do it multiple times, but the more I dance, the more strain it puts on my body, so I shoot as few times as possible. Mr. Kinami’s concentration is amazing, so he made a solid decision in the first shot, and the scene was met with applause.”He said, “As expected of a leading role.”

Acting while dancing may seem difficult, but “The scene in the first episode where you look at Akari who suddenly appears while dancing is wonderful, and I think that she has been specially trained to be able to act easily. The level of perfection is further enhanced by Kinami’s sincerity.

From episode 5 (aired on the 19th) to the middle of this week’s broadcast, Tanaka’s parents appear, not only the friendship between Tanaka and Akari, but also Shono, Miyoshi (Ken Yasuda), Shingo (Kazuma Kawamura), and Konishi (Maeda). It is said that the story will also depict a love affair with unique male characters such as Koki (Koki).

“One of the interesting things about Tanaka-san himself is that he will change in the future. Mr. Tanaka himself has already changed in a way through belly dancing, but from there, through this drama, human relationships will change one step further. “It depicts Tanaka-san, who was once lonely, changing,” he says, revealing the main point.

This work is said to be “I don’t know if the word friendship between Tanaka-san and Akari is the right word, but their relationship is appealing.From now on, it will be a romantic comedy, so the love axis will also be clearly depicted, and I wonder how Tanaka-san and Akari will progress. Also, unique characters appear in belly dance, so I want people to pay attention to that.” On Sunday night, the sight of “Tanaka-san” dancing splendidly in a glittering costume is sure to give you energy.

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