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Shueisha ends sales of AI gravure “Satsuki Ai” photo book Opinion after release … “Various issues and problems were not sufficiently examined”: J-CAST News


On June 7, 2023, the editorial department of Shueisha Weekly Playboy published a photo book using image generation AI, “Freshly born. ]was discontinued, it was announced on the official website. Regarding the commercialization of AI products, he said, “I came to the conclusion that I should have thought more carefully while looking at the deepening debate in the world.”

Regarding the photo book, there were voices pointing out rights issues on SNS.

  • From the official website “Weekly Pre-Grajapa!”

  • Digital photo collection

    Digital photo book “Newly Born. ](From Kindle)

  • From the official website
  • Digital photo collection

“I came to the conclusion that I should have thought more carefully.”

AI gravure photo collection “Freshly born. ]was released on May 29. This is a photo collection of a gravure idol named “Satsuki Ai” created by the Weekly Playboy editorial department using image generation AI.

The editorial department announced on June 7 that it will stop selling the photobook. “Satsukiai Gravure” of the special article “AI Gravure Research” published in “Weekly Playboy” released on May 29 and the digital photo book “Freshly born. ”, “It was planned to explore the possibilities of generative AI in gravure,” explained the intention.

The editorial department said, “We received a lot of opinions about this project after the release, and we verified it again within the editorial department.” I have come to the conclusion that I should have considered the commercialization of AI products more carefully, while keeping an eye on the deepening debate in the world,” he said.

“Weekly pre-grajapa!” will be sold at 11:00 on the same day, and other electronic bookstores will end sales sequentially after the same day.

The article is in Japanese

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