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Yudai Furukawa has a tattooed body, Fumika Baba in a bold dress Live-action version of “Love and Bullets” depicting the love between yakuza and female college students | ORICON NEWS

It has been announced that actors Yudai Furukawa and Fumika Baba will play the lead roles in MBS Drama Special Zone’s new drama “Koi to Bullet” (starting October 27th, every Thursday at 0:59). A live-action version of a popular girls’ comic, challenging the forbidden love of a yakuza and a female college student.

(From left) Yudai Furukawa, Fumika Baba (C) “Love and Bullet” Production Committee / MBS

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The original is Shogakukan’s “Premier Cheese!” A girl manga with the same name serialized in ]comics 1 to 11 volumes have exceeded 4.7 million copies in total. The intense love between a young yakuza head and an ordinary female college student created a sensation, sparking a boom in yakuza boys. The other day, at the same time as the final episode of the series was announced, a live-action drama was announced, and there was a lot of interest, such as “I’m too worried about the cast.”

It has been decided that Furukawa will play the role of Saiomi Sakuraya, the young leader of the yakuza group, and Baba will play the role of Yuri, a female college student. Furukawa spent nearly 7 hours on the finished body for this work, drawing a “tattoo with dancing cherry blossoms” and wearing glasses to embody the original character. Baba also wore a bold red dress with her chest wide open, and a homage visual that reproduced the cover of the first volume of the comic was shown.

MBS Drama Special Zone “Love and Bullet” Main Visual, Original Shoei (C) “Love and Bullet” Production Committee / MBS (C) Nozomi Mino / Shogakukan

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Yuri, who has a strong will and clear personality, was involved in a suspicious group at a party she attended with friends and was about to be addicted to illegal drugs. A sweet “love” love story unfolds.

Furukawa shared his sympathy, saying, “After reading the original work, I was always on the brink of death, pushing forward with all my might to a love that might end tomorrow, and the two people who love each other in an unpredictable situation are very beautiful.” These days, people have to keep their distance, but I hope that you will watch the drama and receive each message about human instinct and love.Please look forward to it!”

Yudai Furukawa (C)

Yudai Furukawa (C) “Love and Bullets” Production Committee / MBS

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Baba also revealed, “I met the original about two and a half years ago. I can’t forget the shock I felt when I read it for the first time!” I feel joy and pressure at the same time,” he said. She enthusiastically said, “I would like to portray the conflicts of an ordinary female college student who falls in love with Sakuraya-san, and the beauty of the precious time we spend together.”

Appreciating the live-action version, Nozomi Minano said, “As a viewer, I am really looking forward to the broadcast. Everyone who is reading Koidan, I hope that the drama version of ‘Koi to Bullet ‘Please watch it.’

Fumika Baba (C)

Fumika Baba (C) “Love and Bullet” Production Committee / MBS

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Mr. Smith, a filmmaker who is highly evaluated for his unique worldview, such as the dramas “Coffee & Vanilla” and “Saretagawa no Blue”, and music videos for AKB48, Kishidan, Southern All Stars, etc. ” and the dramas “I will do it properly in the future” and “Saretagawa no Blue”.

In addition to MBS TV in the Kansai area, it will also be broadcast on TV Kanagawa, Cibatele, Tochitele, Teletama, and Gunma TV in the Kanto area.

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