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[TV Bros. WEB]Joe Odagiri “Oliver’s Dog” Season 2 Interview “I can finally compete with what I desperately squeezed out”

Joe OdagiriIn addition to writing, directing and editing, he also appeared in the NHK drama “Oliver”, a police dog.Oliver dog, (Gosh!!) this yarrow’ (2021). A mystery comedy with a gorgeous cast including Sosuke Ikematsu, Masatoshi Nagase, Kumiko Aso, and Haruomi Hosono, one of the serialization members of this magazine. Season 2 will be broadcast for 3 consecutive weeks from Tuesday, September 20, 2022Takako Matsu, Kengo Kora, Haru Kuroki, and Minami Hamabe will appear in addition to the returning members from Season 1.


In season 1, which aired last year, Odagiri appeared in a costume, and it was full of playfulness, such as expressing the proper nouns of NG with a beep sound and applying mosaics for the sake of regulation, as it was full of funny jokes that had nothing to do with the main story. ‘s production became a hot topic and won the Galaxy Award TV Category Month Award in October 2021.


Such a special episode of Season 1 will be broadcast at 0:25 am (midnight on Friday) on Saturday, September 17th.. Broadcast the “Special Edition” of Season 1, including more than 20 minutes of unreleased footage (*3 episodes) that unfortunately did not fit into the broadcast last year. Odagiri himself re-edited and reconstructed as a completely new work “Oliver dog, (Gosh!!) This yarrow”. If you missed Season 1, you can catch up with Season 2 now.To commemorate this broadcast, TV Bros.WEB has a long interview recording. TV Bros. November 2022 issue (released on September 28)Prior to this, we will deliver an unrecorded interview with Joe Odagiri!



【title】Drama 10 “Oliver Dog, (Gosh!!) This Yarrow” Season 2
[Broadcast schedule]
Episode 4 Tuesday, September 20
Episode 5 Tuesday, September 27
Episode 6 Tuesday, October 4
10:00-10:45 pm (NHK General)

September 27 (Tue), October 4 (Tue), 11 (Tue) 3:10pm-3:55pm (general)

September 17th (Sat) 0:25 am (Friday midnight)
Episodes 1 to 3 broadcast all at once (NHK General) *All episodes will also be distributed on NHK Plus.

[Screenplay/Direction/Editing]Joe Odagiri
[Production manager]Naoyuki Shibata (NHK) Koji Sakabe (NHK Enterprise) Yoshihiko Yamamoto (MMJ)
[Appearance] Sosuke Ikematsu, Joe Odagiri, Masatoshi Nagase, Kumiko Aso, Tsubasa Honda, Amane Okayama, Tina Tamashiro, Cookie! (Wild Bomb) / Eita Nagayama / Suzuharu Kawashima, Himi Sato, Rina Asakawa / Shota Someya / Taiga Nakano / Nijiro Murakami, Yui Sakuma, Kanichiro, Seiji Chihara (Chihara Brothers), Junichi Kawamoto (deputy manager) / Kengo Kora / Maki Sakai, Shingo Katsurayama, Shohei Hino, Miyako Takeuchi, Jun Murakami, Kyusaku Shimada, Masahiro Komoto, Keiichi Suzuki / Jun Kunimura / Haruomi Hosono, Yu Kashii, Kiyohiko Shibukawa, Tatsuya Gashuin, Shohei Uno / Takako Matsu / Haru Kuroki / Minami Hamabe / Mari Hamada, Kafka Shishido, Yumi Kawai, Rei Sato / Jun Fubuki / Yutaka Matsushige, Akira Emoto, Isao Hashizume, Koichi Sato and others
*Officially, the “person” under “Kuzu” in Mr. Shingo Katsurayama’s name is “hi.”
【music】Masaki Mori
[Theme song]“The Hunter” (EGO-WRAPPIN’)
[Production]NHK Enterprise
[Production/Writing]NHK, MMJ



As a premise, only good actors
I didn’t call you.


――I heard that you wrote the script for Season 2 of “Oliver Dog” while you were filming the NHK TV drama “Come Come Everybody”. Cinnahan (scenario hunting. Gathering information on filming locations at the stage of writing the script) must have been difficult, but did you go with location scouting after the draft was completed?

Joe Odagiri(Odagiri below): Yes. I will always accompany you on location scouting. On the contrary, the location scouting is not over until we find a good place (bitter smile). For the production staff, location scouting will be the first hardship. It’s really difficult. Find the place you envision. I will continue to look around the places that the production department has arranged and look for places that are suitable for the scene. Compromise is unacceptable because it is an important element that creates the world view of “Oliver Dog”. Once I have decided on a location that I am satisfied with, I think about the positions of the actors and camera positions, and reflect that in the script. Actually, it’s best to decide all the locations before the shooting starts, but it’s often difficult to decide, so I often do location scouting on days off from shooting (bitter smile).

This work has unique cuts and is very interesting, but how do you share images on site?

Odagiri: I try to distribute cuts to the staff on the day before shooting. I have them keep that in mind, and after setting up the play on the day of the shoot, I make time to reorganize the cuts. Therefore, we will adjust the details such as “This shot in the cut is not necessary after all” or “Please let me add a shot from here instead”. However, basically, 80% is proceeding according to the cut split made the day before.


Mr. Odagiri himself edits, so you can see it comprehensively.

Odagiri: That’s right. At the time of the shooting, I take a way of thinking about editing. To put it the other way around, you can proceed with shooting while thinking, “This part can be edited like this, so it’s okay to omit this part,” so I think there’s less wasted time.

When I was allowed to observe the shooting, I had the impression that the meetings themselves were smooth. It’s like it’s going smoothly.

Odagiri: As a premise, we only call good actors. Since the directing work is almost finished at the time of casting, there is almost no need to rethink the play on set. Since such high-quality actors are gathered, I don’t want to do too many tests.

I want to shoot fresh catch, so it’s enough if I can check the staff’s movements, such as the arrangements. I don’t think it’s necessary to solidify the play so much.


It is a feature of “Oliver’s dog”Freedomis born from such a place. In addition, all the staff and cast participate in the spirit of “Let’s play”.

Odagiri:is that so. Make the most of this festive event! There is an atmosphere. I feel like there were a lot of such works in the past, but I don’t think I see them much these days.

I feel that many of the Japanese films in the 00s, the early days of Mr. Odagiri’s career, were out of control. I feel like Oliver’s Dog has a bit of that feeling as well.

Odagiri: At that time, there was still a “breadth” to accept unreasonable things. That’s why Japanese films were so diverse, and as a result, I think many Japanese films were shown at overseas film festivals. It’s not everything to be selected for a film festival, but it would be a pity if there are fewer films that are recognized by filmmakers around the world these days.

However, I don’t feel much of an antithesis to the present or the counterculture in “Oliver Dog”. I think it’s a structure in which we see the people who are just enjoying making things and compare/notice with the current situation of inconvenience.

Odagiri: That’s a very nice word. After all, the creator’s way of thinking and feeling spills over into the work. That’s why I think it’s good if the real intention is vaguely fragrant. It’s an extreme example, but I think if you act like, “All terrestrial TV dramas are boring!” I don’t think there’s anything to it, but if you don’t suppress it where some kind of counter is working, it won’t be rich as a work. I think the best thing about the work is that it feels like “I received a message before I knew it”.

As I said on various occasions during Season 1, there are more things that I can’t do or won’t do, even on the set of dramas. Under such circumstances, NHK has the strength of not having a sponsor, or the strength that can be calculated based on its own compliance.

“Oliver Dog” is, in many ways, a work that could not have been made on terrestrial broadcasting. I think one of the reasons why people think it’s so interesting is that it’s a drama that has teamed up with NHK, which is nowhere else.

Oliver 2


The little cultural stuff in your lines tickles the audience, but I wonder if Odagiri was influenced by not only Jim Jarmusch, but also Martin Scorsese and Park Chan-wook.

Odagiri:is that so. Lines are only born from yourself after all, aren’t they? After all, the life of a man in his mid-40s will be the base.

Someone wrote in some review that “Oliver’s laughter is hard to convey to young children”, and “Even young people like Kageki Shimoda can’t understand it”. I think so, and I don’t think of myself as a genius who can entertain people from 10 to 90 years old (laughs). I can only compete with what I have squeezed out and finally come out, so I am interested in things that remain in me, and I can’t write a script that suits the younger generation. I’m in the stance that it would be nice if it could be done in other dramas.

Personally, I think that “Oliver’s Dog” can be fully enjoyed even if the younger generation doesn’t understand the the first place we tooTen~20When I was a teenager, I enjoyed the works of my seniors, saying, “I don’t know the details, but it’s kind of interesting.”

Odagiri:is that so. I’m planning to include various other interesting elements in “Oliver”, so I hope you can enjoy where each one gets stuck.


Released on Wednesday, September 28, 2022“TV Bros. November 2022 issue”Then, in addition to the production background of this work, a long interview with the theme of “food” is posted. About 20 years ago, I asked Odagiri, who wrote the serial column “Rock-paper-scissors later”, about the past feelings he felt 20 years ago and his current thoughts while looking at the back issues of that time.

Photo by Tim Gallo
Hair and makeup: Yoshimi Sunahara
Stylist: Tetsuya Nishimura

Jacket ¥ 45,100 Shirt ¥ 19,800 Pants ¥ 35,200 Necktie ¥ 9,900 (all LAD MUSICIAN / RAD Musician Harajuku) Others Stylist’s personal items *All prices include tax.


Joe Odagiri
●Born in 1976. Born in Okayama prefecture. In 2019, the director’s feature film “A Boatman’s Story” was selected for the Venice Days section of the 76th Venice International Film Festival, the 56th Antalya Film Festival held in Turkey, and the Kerala Film Festival held in India. Received the best film award in the international competition category.
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