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Travis Japan, WOWOW Live Broadcast “Grammy Awards Ceremony” SP Guest Experience “Biggest Dream” on the Local Red Carpet | ORICON NEWS

Travis Japan, WOWOW Live Broadcast “Grammy Awards Ceremony” SP Guest Experience “Biggest Dream” on the Local Red Carpet | ORICON NEWS
Travis Japan, WOWOW Live Broadcast “Grammy Awards Ceremony” SP Guest Experience “Biggest Dream” on the Local Red Carpet | ORICON NEWS
The popular group Travis Japan will be a special guest at the world’s greatest music festival “The 65th Grammy Awards Ceremony (R)”, which will be held in Los Angeles on February 5th (local time) and WOWOW will exclusively broadcast live. Were determined. Walk the red carpet and experience the awards ceremony. We have also decided to broadcast and distribute a pre-special program in which the members talk about their thoughts on the Grammy Awards “before they experience it”, and a post-event special program in which they talk about their thoughts and future prospects “after they experience it”. Travis Japan has been studying in Los Angeles since March 2022, and has been living together as a group while working to improve his skills by participating in dance contests and festivals. In July of the same year, he appeared in the popular American public audition program “America’s Got Talent” and advanced to the semi-finals. After that, in October, they signed a contract with Capitol Records in the United States and made their worldwide major debut.

This time, the seven members who have been exposed to American culture for about seven months will talk about their thoughts on the Grammy Awards ceremony, the world’s greatest music festival. What do you feel when you walk the red carpet at the Los Angeles venue where the award ceremony is held and watch the award ceremony? Also pay attention to the thoughts of Travis Japan who experienced the site.

On February 6 (Japan time), WOWOW will exclusively broadcast (broadcast and distribute) the award ceremony in two languages ​​(simultaneous interpretation). A subtitled version will also appear on the same night. The highlights are performances by big artists whose nominations were announced on November 16th (Japan time) last year, and collaborations that can only be seen here. Expectations are rising as to which artist’s performance will be seen at the 65th.

■ Comment from Kaito Miyachika (Travis Japan)

This time, we had the opportunity to experience the Grammy Award ceremony, which is the goal of music artists and the biggest dream of Travis Japan, to win the Grammy Award. Thank you very much.
A grand festival where artists gather together to bring excitement to the world’s music scene from various angles. Therefore, we also received a lot of stimulation, and we would like to convey the heat and emotions to everyone!
At the moment, I can’t imagine the atmosphere of the venue or what kind of things will be held, so at first it may be like a dried up sponge, but at the actual venue it absorbs various things and the water is dripping. I would like to come back as a sponge.
I am grateful for this opportunity and will go as Travis Japan, one of the Japanese artists.

■ Broadcast schedule

“live broadcast! The 65th Grammy Awards Ceremony R” * Bilingual version (simultaneous interpretation)
February 6 (Monday) 9:00 am[WOWOW Prime][WOWOW On Demand]

“The 65th Grammy Awards Ceremony R” *Subtitled version
February 6 (Mon) 10:00 pm[WOWOW Live][WOWOW On Demand]
Guides: John Kabira, Chiaki Horan
Special Guest: Travis Japan
Studio guest: To be announced at a later date

“Travis Japan meets The GRAMMYR ~Grammy Award R Special~”
February 5 (Sun) 9:00 pm[WOWOW Prime][WOWOW On Demand]

“~ Grammy Awards Special after the fact ~” scheduled to be broadcast and distributed in March

The article is in Japanese

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