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Released for Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PS4 by Nippon Ichi Software on January 26, 2023.Makai Senki Disgaea 7“(the following,”Disgaea 7’).

This work is familiar as “the worst simulation RPG ever”DisgaeaThe latest in the series. Many notable elements are included, such as “Double Dekamagus” where characters become gigantic, “Item Reincarnation”, and PvP elements that utilize AI functions for the first time in the series. In this article, we will deliver the impressions that we actually played and experienced.

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Click here to purchase “Makai Senki Disgaea 7” (PS5) (Amazon.co.jp)

Click here to purchase “Makai Senki Disgaea 7” (PS4) (Amazon.co.jp)

Japanese-style “Disgaea” has “Bushido” as its miso?A proud story unfolding with double protagonists

Bushido–. A unique samurai way of thinking that emphasizes compassion, virtue, and pride. In the Hinomoto Makai group, there used to be samurai who advocated bushido, and they were hated and feared by demons whose motto was servility and violence.

But that is already a thing of the past. Due to the arrival of the “World Army” led by Demon Admiral Opener, the proud samurai have been weeded out.

In this work, Piririka, the president of an apparel company who loves the spirit of bushido of Hinomoto Makaigun, and Fuji, a rogue samurai who lives in the obsolete Hinomoto Makaigun, live a messed up life in Japan. .

Although Fuji is a samurai, he has the idea of ​​a demon. He doesn’t need “Bushido”, he’s a demon-like demon who easily does cowardly things. However, in some parts of the story, you can also see that he has a different idea of ​​​​”Bushido” than those around him.

Piririka, who travels with such Fuji in the Hinomoto Makai group, is also the main character. She is trying to confront the problem of the Hinomoto Makaigun from a different perspective than Fuji, who knows the inner workings of the Hinomoto Makaigun. By the way, she is quite a delusional person, and she sympathizes with her selfishly imagining a heroic past, wondering why the devil would do such an outrageous act.

The companions who work together to reform the rotten Hinomoto Makai Group are all attractive characters. Weiyasu, an ornamental general who has a venerable bloodline but is flirtatious and clumsy; Shifo, who gets high by inhaling gunpowder through her nose; Yomi wa Higanzesshosai) and other high-impact friends liven up the story.

The story of Fuji and Piririka growing with them is full of laughter, tears, and violence, and is full of ups and downs, grabbing the player’s heart and not letting go.

Both visuals and characters are very rich characters, and you can enjoy a lively and fun “Disgaea”-like dense story. Even if you haven’t played the past games, you should be able to enjoy the story, which is renewed for each series.

I lose sight of the end in the fun of nurturing.a truly diabolical game

Speaking of the “Disgaea” series, the focus is not only on the rich story, but also on “getting stronger”, such as the character’s extraordinary growth, equipment with a large visual and text impact, and a unique training system. The element of replay is also one of the big attractions.

I have also played the past Disgaea series, so I think I understand what kind of game Disgaea is. Once, even though the lifeline was stopped due to a disaster, he used the battery in his parents’ house toDisgaea 4There is also an experience that I was addicted to playing.

What I felt when playing this work was that “all play is connected”. Let me explain what it is.

The training elements required for “Disgaea” have two axes: character training and item training. If you can’t play comfortably with these two elements, you’ll inevitably feel stress, such as “It’s not fun because your growth has stopped” and “I’m bored because it’s hard to strengthen your equipment.”

In that respect, this work has little stress. In addition, in this work, like bushido, which considers mind, technique, and body as one, character training and item training are deeply connected. I want to raise a child.”

By using the troop shop, you can aim for further efficiency, so you don’t waste your time and don’t lose your motivation to train.

These training elements are the most interesting part of “Disgaea” for me, and the part that fits me. I think there are many fans of the series who enjoy raising characters.

Think of an efficient training method by yourself and create it with your own hands. In the process, the character grows steadily, and it is really exhilarating to see how the numbers such as level and damage dealt increase.

In addition, the number of replay elements such as the revival of weapon skills, the “cheat shop” that can specify the strength of the stage and binding play, and the number of past top-class characters is devilish. It is up to the player to decide how far they will go, but I would like to be careful not to neglect work and schoolwork without stopping.

The battle side has also evolved “big”! The battle situation changes with “Double Dekamagus”!!

Of course, that is not the case if only the training elements have changed from the past series. In “Disgaea 7”, a new element that is truly unbounded by the frame is implemented, “Double Dekamax”, in which the character becomes gigantic and jumps out of the stage.

When you use the crossbow Dekamax, you can attack enemies anywhere on the stage, and the normal attack range is also 5×5 squares. What is interesting is that the enemy also becomes huge with a crossbow dekamax. It’s more strategic, less monotonous, and above all, it’s a disgaea-like battle that makes you laugh when you play it.

By the way, if your character greatly exceeds the enemy’s strength, you can knock them down without any questions even if they’re being overwhelmed. It is designed so that training is not wasted, and the fun of “Disgaea” itself has not been stripped away.

I couldn’t play it, but the PvP element is also very interesting. In previous games in the series, there were players who wanted to collect items and complete data in order to get more involved even after completing character development.

In this work, PvP exists as an endless replay element. PvP will be fought using AI called “Magic Edit”. Editing mashin edits according to the opponent’s strategy, thinking about characters to use, and training characters for PvP, the amount of involvement has increased overwhelmingly.

Furthermore, PvP rules change regularly, making it difficult to create a fixed strategy. It seems that a Disgaea-like battle will be born, where the excitement will be how much unreasonable things can be done within the set rules.

“Disgaea 7” can be said to be the culmination of the series, such as stories, replay elements, and strategic battles. Not only series fans, but also new players are easy to play thanks to the extensive tutorial, so I hope many people will play it.

The article is in Japanese

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