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Stray Kids and LE SSERAFIM appear on “MS Station”! Even Tamori was surprised by the hard training… Commemorative shot with back numbers – Kstyle

Photo = Stray Kids Official Twitter

On the 27th, Stray Kids and LE SSERAFIM made a live appearance on “Music Station” broadcast from 9:00.

Stray Kids will present their new song “THE SOUND” for the first time in the world. They captivated the audience with their sharp dance and outstanding rapping.

LE SSERAFIM then performed their 1st Japanese single “FEARLESS -Japanese ver.-“. Not only did they catch the eye with their overwhelming beauty, but they also attracted attention with their “blindfold dance” in the chorus.

During the talk, Stray Kids asked the other performers, “What are your health training and beauty regimens?” First, member Bang Chan revealed his training, saying, “I always try to do 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100 squats,” surprising the moderator Tamori.

Next, LE SSERAFIM’s training as a trainee was also revealed, and a hard menu such as 100 jumping jacks, 100 burpee jumps, and 100 trunks (sideways) was revealed, surprising the performers.

Member Kazuha revealed, “It takes about an hour and a half in total, but after doing this, I had a six-hour dance lesson,” and attracted even more attention.

Photo = LE SSERAFIM Official Twitter

After the broadcast, Stray Kids and LE SSERAFIM released commemorative shots through their official SNS. First of all, Stray Kids posted a photo and said, “Sukiz will be appearing at M Station’s studio again this year! How was the world premiere of ‘THE SOUND’? If Stray Kids’ fans could hear the sound of Stray Kids in their hearts. I’m happy. We will continue to deliver Sukiz-like sounds.”

LE SSERAFIM also left a comment along with the photo, “LE SSERAFIM’s first M-stage appearance! How was the live performance of ‘FEARLESS -Japanese ver.-‘? Please dance blindfold dance together.'” They also released a commemorative shot with Superfly and back number, who were also performing on the same day, making fans smile.

・LE SSERAFIM will appear for the first time on January 27th on “M Station”! Stray Kids also appeared

・Tickets for Stray Kids’ encore performance “Stray Kids 2nd World Tour ‘MANIAC’ ENCORE in JAPAN” sold out on the same day

・[REPORT]LE SSERAFIM will hold a memorial event!Checkmate the hearts of fans

The article is in Japanese

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