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Asadora actor Nijiro Murakami (25) announces that he will leave the Eva stage “I can’t come out of my house and there are frequent cancellations” “In “Tokyo Revengers” the shooting itself “fly” …”

It was announced that actor Nijiro Murakami (25), who was scheduled to appear in the stage “Evangelion Beyond”, which will be performed from May 6th, will withdraw.

《Nijiro Murakami, who was scheduled to appear in the role of Tan Hasumi, has decided to withdraw due to physical and mental health problems, although it is still before rehearsals. We are very sorry for causing concern and inconvenience to everyone who was looking forward to the appearance.” (From Bunkamura official website)

In fact, the “Bunshun Online” coverage team had been covering Murakami’s surroundings for some time. The impetus came from the testimony of a stage official.

“Actually, something strange happened to Murakami-san recently. We are preparing to use another cast.”

Nijiro Murakami ©Jiji Press

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Even though I was commenting “Please stay tuned”…

“Evangelion Beyond” is a completely original story, and it will be developed with a unique stage production. Masataka Kubota will star, and Tetsushi Tanaka, including Murakami, has just announced a part of the cast.

Murakami himself posted such a comment on the official website.

《This was once again engulfed in a tremendous maelstrom. It’s been a big deal. Anyway, this is an unknown Evangelion, and I would like to stick with it. stay tuned”

Speaking of Murakami, his father is Jun Murakami, an actor, and his mother is a second-generation actor with singer UA. It is still fresh in my memory that I played the role of the childhood friend of the heroine Mone Kamishiraishi in the continuous TV novel “Come Come Everyone”. He is a talented actor who won the 45th Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the movie “Wolf’s Blood LEVEL2” released in 2021.


“Stage Evangelion Beyond”

Changes after the filming of “Come Come”

What is going on with Murakami, who appeared in various popular movies and dramas and seemed to be doing well as an actor?

“It was around summer that things started to change,” said the aforementioned stage official.

“From the time Murakami finished “10 Count to the Future” (TV Asahi), which he appeared in after “Come Come,” Murakami-san started canceling his work at the last minute. The poster shooting has been canceled at the last minute.In response to this, the office has decided to withdraw.It seems that other movies have also been withdrawn.

Even when he had to cancel at the last minute, until the day before, he seemed to have given off a motivated atmosphere by saying, “I’m going.” But when it comes to the day, I will not come to the site. When he called him, he couldn’t get through, and when the staff worried about him and went to his house to play ping-pong, he didn’t respond. I heard that he couldn’t leave the room when he got in touch, and he kept saying, ‘I can’t go to the site.'”

He has appeared as the main cast in the live-action version of the popular manga “Tokyo Revengers Series 2”, which will be released this year, but it is said that this work also caused a surprise cancellation.

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