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Fans all over the country gather! The first day breaking report of “hololive SUPER EXPO 2023” and “hololive 4th fes. Our Bright Parade” being held at Makuhari Messe has been released!

On the 18th (Saturday), the first day of the event, it was raining from the morning and the temperature was low. Compared to the event held in 2022 last year, the scale of the booths and goods has been upgraded, and it was an event that fans who visited last year could enjoy with new experiences and excitement.

  • Report on the venue of “hololive SUPER EXPO 2023”!

When you enter the venue of “hololive SUPER EXPO 2023”, the first thing that surprises you is a huge balloon imitating the mascot “Ankimo” that symbolizes “Holo Live” and “Toki no Sora”. “Ankimo” was enshrined on the pedestal of the birthday cake, and the signature of the talent belonging to “Holo Live Production” was written on the pedestal of the birthday cake.

front monument gate

The booths in the venue are “Holo Live Kindergarten” which reproduces a kindergarten classroom, “Holo Live Sports Festival” where you can experience “Birdman Darts”, “Holo Live Police” where you can actually experience the interrogation that was also done in the distribution, and you can become a host. Attractions such as “Holo Live Host” where you can receive hospitality from holo live members and “Holo Live Art Festival” where handmade works of holo live members are exhibited were set up to entertain visitors.

hololive kindergarten

hololive sports dayhololive sports day

hololive policehololive police

hololive hosthololive host

Hololive Art FestivalHololive Art Festival

As a booth focusing on “Hololive Indonesia” and “Hololive English”, which are active overseas, there is an exhibition imitating a recording studio “Hololive Indonesia ~id: entity Record~”, and a small bird belonging to “Hololive English-Myth-” An exhibition booth “hololive FRIED CAFE” modeled on an American cafe invented by Yu Kiara was set up, and it was a content that overseas fans could enjoy.

Identity RecordIdentity Record

hololive FRIED CAFEhololive FRIED CAFE

In addition, at the booth of the male group “Holostars”, there will be “Holostars Pentagram”, an exhibition booth with 5 areas that express the individuality of each talent, “Staple” where you can take a print sticker with the Holostars members, A special event where you can talk one-on-one with Holostars members “HOLOSTARS & UPROAR!! ]and the booth was full of booths where you could feel Holostars closer.

Holostars PentagramHolostars Pentagram


  • Report on the distribution stage of “hololive SUPER EXPO 2023”!

The stage event of “hololive SUPER EXPO 2023” was distributed simultaneously not only on the vision in the venue but also online. The free stage “Opening Ceremony” started at 10:30, and “Asteru & Tenshin & Robel go around! Holostars Expo Sanpo” was broadcast. Also, on the special stage, the “Holo Live Quiz King” and “Sister Marine Great Confession Room” stages were held, and even those who could not go to Makuhari Messe could enjoy it together.

hololive quiz kinghololive quiz king

Sister Marine's Great Confession ChamberSister Marine’s Great Confession Chamber

  • Report on the food of “hololive SUPER EXPO 2023”!

The food at “hololive SUPER EXPO 2023” was also a success, and the drinks with the motif of talents belonging to Hololive Production were gorgeous and popular, and hamburgers, fried noodles, and cookies produced by talents were popular. was

Eating areaEating area

  • Report on “hololive 4rd fes. Our Bright Parade”!

“hololive 4rd fes. Our Bright Parade” DAY1 held at the adjacent event hall included Tokino Sora / Roboko-san / AZKi / Sakura Miko / Yozora Mel / Akai Haato / Yuzuki Choco / Ozora Subaru / Shiranui Flare / Noel Shirogane / Watame Kakumaki / Luna Himemori / Polka Omaru / Laplace Darkness / Rui Takamine / Koyori Hiroi / Kuroe Sahanasha / Iroha Kazema / Ayunda Squirrel / Airani Iofifteen / Crazy Ory / Kiara Takanashi / Rasu Ichiina / Watson Amelia / Mumei Nanashi appeared, and the audience at the venue was enthusiastic.


Fes. / Takashi Konuma

Stage / Yutaka Nakamura

Exhibition/Food / Yusuke Matsumoto


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