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Yo Inaba 8th Dan wins 1st group! Yoshiharu Hanyu goes down nine steps If he wins one game in the main game, he will become a super seed for the third challenge / Shogi / Ryuo match 1 group ranking match | News | ABEMA TIMES


The final of the first group ranking match against the shogi Ryuo was held on May 25, and Yo Inaba 8th dan (34) defeated Yoshiharu Hanyu 9th dan (52) to win the first group. In addition to winning the winning prize of 4.7 million yen, if you win once in the main battle, you will receive the right to “Super Seed”, which allows you to advance to the third match to determine the challenger. Aiming for his second title challenge, he decided to proceed with the shortest route. In addition, the defeated Hanyu 9-dan also has the right to participate in the main tournament.

[Broadcast]36th Ryuo Match Group 1 Ranking Match Final Yoshiharu Hanyu 9th Dan vs Yo Inaba 8th Dan

The first game, which started with Inaba 8th Dan’s first move, started with “Aikakari”. In the morning, the exchange of incense wheels began in one line, and a fierce battle began. From the beginning to the middle of the game, it became a composition of how Inaba 8th Dan would withstand the attack of Hanyu 9th Dan, who was a big piece.

In the afternoon, the phase entered the final stage, and both players took their time to break out of the phase, but at the time of the dinner break, Hanyu 9-dan thought long for 70 minutes. Although the situation was evenly matched, there was a large gap in time. In the final stage, there were scenes where the situation changed two or three times, but when the situation suddenly tilted to Inaba 8th Dan in the time pressure, Inaba 8th Dan made effective use of the time left for more than an hour and was sure to win. . Demonstrating the ability to fight at the top of each game, he won the championship.

After the game, Inaba 8th Dan said, “I was on the first move, so I was lucky in that area. I think I was able to show my strength.” We’re riding the momentum, so if we don’t prepare well, it’s going to be a tough fight,” he braced himself.
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[Broadcast]36th Ryuo Match Group 1 Ranking Match Final Yoshiharu Hanyu 9th Dan vs Yo Inaba 8th Dan

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