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A chaotic “Marubeni” commercial featuring a crossover between Final Fantasy x Sengoku x Zombie x King Ghidorah is released.



Marubeni Corporation will feature Masato Sakai, and“FINAL FANTASY V” song “Battle of the Big Bridge” was released on YouTube and X.

“Let’s all do what we can’t do. Benimaru Edition” is a commercial for Marubeni, a major general trading company.

The setting appears to be during the Sengoku period, and the story begins with Benimaru, played by Masato Sakai, fighting an enemy army led by Yurika Nakamura, known as Nuehime. But suddenly, a “zombie” appears from underground. Benimaru and Nuehime fight together against the zombies, but it seems that they are outnumbered, but then the monster “King Ghidorah” attacks… and a turbulent situation ensues.

The song used is an arranged version of the Final Fantasy 5 song “Battle on the Big Bridge”, and it has a heart-warming development that expresses the slogan “What can’t be done, let’s do it together.” It is characteristic that it lasts. The deep red armor worn by Masato Sakai is reminiscent of Yukimura Sanada from the drama “Sanada Maru.”

(Image from YouTube)
(Image from YouTube)

King Ghidorah uses the suit from the 2001 movie “Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: All-Out Attack of the Monsters,” and you can see the behind-the-scenes scenes of King Ghidorah’s special effects scenes in the making-of footage that was also released. An interview with Masato Sakai has also been released, and the battle scenes were filmed in Mongolia, giving a glimpse behind the scenes of production that spans various borders.

The unique commercial, which condenses and crosses over various works and genres, has received many compliments, such as “The development is amazing” and “What kind of company is this?” Regarding the use of suits from “Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Giant Monsters All-Out Attack,” which depicts sacred beasts rather than evil space monsters, special effects fans expressed surprise, saying, “We know it’s the Millennium Dragon King.” is given.

This commercial will be broadcast on the latest episode of the TV drama “VIVANT” on September 10th, following the web version.

Marubeni Corporation “What we can’t do, let’s do it together.” Special site

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