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Sho Hirano appears for the first time on the special edition cover of “Elle Japon November issue” – TOWER RECORDS ONLINE


ELLE JAPON November 2023 photo YUSUKE MIYAZAKI(sept)

Sho Hirano appears for the first time on the cover of the special edition of “Elle Japon November issue”.

Sho Hirano, who has started a new career, makes his first appearance on “Elle Japon”. In this photoshoot, which was his first media appearance in a while, he generously showed off his dramatic movements and facial expressions. The cover features an impressive photo of Hirano’s gaze, as if he is looking at the future ahead.

The special feature features 9 pages of fashion portraits of Hirano wearing Louis Vuitton, which is her “coveted brand,” and an exclusive interview. Hirano is wearing the brand’s latest LV FALL collection, including neat jackets and bright knits, fully demonstrating her charm. In the interview, he spoke passionately and honestly about his thoughts on his current and future activities.

Also, on September 28th, a special video that brings out Hirano’s fashion sense, another interview different from the magazine, and behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot will be released on Elle Digital and official SNS. Please check this out as well.


■Sho Hirano interview excerpt (included in the special edition)
(Omitted) I’ve only held concerts in Japan that make the venue fly, so I’d like to try it overseas.I want to spread the goodness of Japanese entertainment little by little.


■”Elle Digital” *Released at 10:00 on Thursday, September 28th


▼Book information
“Elle Japon November issue” special edition
Cover: Sho Hirano


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