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Tokushima mourns the deceased by throwing a large number of 1 yen coins in a lively “Bashin!”: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web


Participants throwing a large number of 1 yen coins during the “throwing coin memorial service” on the morning of the 18th at Kannonji Temple in Minami Town, Tokushima Prefecture.

On the 18th, a “throwing memorial service” was held at Kannonji Temple in Minami Town, Tokushima Prefecture, where large amounts of 1 yen coins were thrown to mourn the deceased. This is a traditional event held at this time every year by the 11 temples in the town. It is said that the louder the noise, the better the memorial service, and participants threw their hands boldly at the doorboard of the dais where the monk was sitting, making a sound like “Bashin!”.

At the temple, a bucket of 1 yen coins is prepared for throwing coins. Participants exchanged several thousand yen worth of money at the temple and brought 1 yen coins that they had saved over the past year. The memorial service begins at 8 a.m. for the victims of the Pacific War. Afterwards, the priest called out the names of the deceased who had passed away since the 33rd anniversary of their death, and family members threw one yen coins one after another.

The town’s coin offering service is said to have started about 600 years ago, and has involved throwing the smallest amount of coins in each era.

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