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The number of visitors on the first day was 73,800. Pay attention to the performance of each booth. Tokai/Hokuriku B-1 Grand Prix in Yokkaichi | YOU Yokkaichi


[Tokai/Hokuriku B-1 Grand Prix in Yokkaichi venue crowded with many visitors (Photo taken on November 18, 2023)]

The “Tokai-Hokuriku B-1 Grand Prix in Yokkaichi” will be held for two days on November 18th and 19th, with venues including Mitaki Street in Yokkaichi City. The opening day, the 18th, saw a turnout of 73,800 visitors, as announced by the organizers.

At the venue where 20 organizations exhibited, each organization offered local gourmet food while promoting their community revitalization efforts at their respective booths. Visitors were drawn to the passionate performances, which included original character costumes, regional dances, and theme songs for local gourmet exhibits.

[Town revitalization performance held in front of the booth]


[Visitors lining up for local gourmet food]

As soon as the event started, lines formed at each organization’s booth. While they were waiting, they tried to make the participants have fun by looking at local pamphlets and taking commemorative photos with costumed animals. Some groups have created torii gates or gates that represent the characteristics of the area at photo spots or where people line up. The waiting time was also displayed on the guide map installed at the venue, and visitors had fun thinking about where to go next while referring to it.

[Venue guide map with display of waiting time for each booth]

The “Tokai-Hokuriku B-1 Grand Prix in Yokkaichi” will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the 19th.


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