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Kawasaki Tonomachi project completed King Skyfront becomes a cutting-edge medical development base and also the world’s first hotel equipped with hydrogen power generation: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web


Mayor Fukuda (third from right) and others cutting the ribbon

The Tonomachi Project, which has been under construction at the Tonomachi International Strategic Center King Skyfront in Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, has been completed, and a town opening ceremony and facility preview were held. In addition to four facilities that will serve as research bases for medical device development and regenerative medicine, the area is also home to the world’s first hotel with hydrogen power generation capabilities, and is expected to become a life science-related research and development base. (Naoko Takeya)

Development of the Tonomachi Project began in 2014 in collaboration with Daiwa House Industry and the city. In addition to promoting its location near Haneda Airport and attracting companies and research institutes that conduct cutting-edge research, the building will also have a “community park” where researchers, students, and local residents can interact, providing “bustling and interaction functions.” aims to produce.

Completed “Tonomachi Project” research facilities, etc., all in Kawasaki Ward

The site is the former site of the Isuzu Kawasaki factory, and has an area of ​​46,000 square meters, almost the same size as Tokyo Dome. In 2018, two buildings, the Tokyu REI Hotel and the research facility “Research Gate Building (commonly known as RGB)” opened. RGB3 was completed in 2020, and RGB4 was completed on the 7th of this month, making all facilities complete.

According to Daiwa House Industry, the research facility currently houses 14 institutions, including university laboratories, companies conducting research on gene therapy technology, and pharmaceutical companies. RGB4, which opened this month, is also said to be considering companies and research institutes from Japan and abroad to move in.

Inside the research facility open to the public

Inside the research facility open to the public

At the preview on the 14th, the inside of RGB4 and the Tokyu REI Hotel, which uses hydrogen power generation to reduce CO2 emissions, were unveiled. Approximately 200 people participated in the town opening ceremony, including representatives from companies that have already expanded to King Skyfront. Mayor Norihiko Fukuda said, “We have worked hard to make this land the most advanced in the world.I am deeply moved to be able to open the town.”

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