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Okinawa’s prefectural schools will move up spring break by four days starting in 2024 due to changes in prefectural board of education’s work style reform for teachers – Ryukyu Shimpo Digital


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Kaho Takahashi

The Prefectural Board of Education has moved the end-of-year holidays for prefectural schools, which begin on March 25, to four days earlier, starting on the 21st. Part of promoting school work style reform. The purpose is to give teachers and staff time to interact with students and concentrate on their work at the end of the school year, when they are busy with creating documents such as student guidance records and preparing for the next school year. The law will go into effect from fiscal 2024.

Targets are prefectural high schools, junior high schools, and special needs schools. At the Prefectural Board of Education meeting on the 16th, a revised plan for school management regulations was approved. Committee members asked questions about ensuring student learning, such as securing the number of class hours.

A person in charge of the prefectural board of education stated that the proposal was based on the assumption that the annual plan would meet the provisions of the curriculum guidelines, and replied, “Schools will be informed about securing the number of class hours and points to keep in mind when planning the annual plan.” .

(Kaho Takahashi)


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