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I want to create apparel products to support horticultural farmers in Niigata Prefecture (Yukigumo released on November 19, 2023) – Crowdfunding READYFOR



I have been working as a photographer in Niigata for many years. After reaching my 60th birthday, I began to think that I wanted to give something back to Niigata Prefecture, the region that had raised me this far. I was also looking for something I could do with photography, which is what I do for a living.

▼Why we started the project

Niigata Prefecture is famous for its rice, but it also produces strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, etc.

The garden crops are also wonderful. Not only are they delicious, but they are also beautiful in form.

However, it was not well known nationwide, and the producers were disappointed. For example, when it comes to strawberries, Tochigi’s “Tochiotome” and Fukuoka’s “Amaou” are famous nationwide. However, little is known about Niigata’s Echigohime. I wanted to make the products that the producers have worked so hard to produce more famous, and I wanted to raise their profile nationwide.

▼Project details

As mentioned above, in order to raise awareness of Niigata’s proud horticultural crops, we have taken photos with a high-definition camera and created tasteful designs for the photos (see photo).

T-shirts, hoodies, etc.

We would like to sell our apparel products at souvenir shops as well as at agricultural direct sales stores such as “Roadside Stations.”

▼Project outlook/vision

By improving the design, we can get more people to buy our products, and by selling them at direct sales shops and roadside stations in the areas where the garden products are produced. Enhance the local feel and get people from the area, as well as tourists, to buy it. By having many people buy the products, the garden products will naturally become known, which will lead to increased income for the producers. In other words, I would like to solve the problem of lack of successors.

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