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Opening ceremony in Yamagata, 19th day of prefectural women’s relay race, promising courage and excitement | Yamagata Shimbun


Opening ceremony in Yamagata, prefectural women’s relay race, 19th gun gun, vowing to run with courage and excitement

2023/11/18 21:29

Managers of each team receiving team-colored sashes at the opening ceremony = Yamagata City, Yamagata Media Tower

The opening ceremony of the Yamazawa Cup 39th Prefectural Women’s Ekiden Race Tournament (sponsored by Yamagata Shimbun, Yamagata Broadcasting, and Yamagata Track and Field Association) was held at Yamagata Media Tower in Yamagata City on the 18th, and the managers of the 11 teams vowed to run hard. .

Replicas of the championship cup were presented to last year’s champion Kitamurayama, 2nd place Higashimurayama of Tendo, and 3rd place Tagawa of Tsuruoka. Shinichiro Takahashi, chairman of the tournament executive committee and director of the Yamagata Broadcasting General Affairs Bureau and Business Administration Bureau, gave his greetings by saying, “I hope it will be a great tournament that will give courage and excitement to the people of the prefecture.” Hiroshi Sato, vice president of the event and president of the Yamagata Athletics Association, encouraged the runners by saying, “I want you to run as hard as you can for yourself and for the people around you who have supported you.”

Each coach was handed a team-colored sash, and Kitamurayama player Mei Ito (Sakata Minami High School) gave a powerful oath, saying, “With hometown pride in my heart, I vow to carry my 11 sashes together until the end.”

The race will start at 11:05 a.m. on the 19th in front of the Honjo District Community Center in Kaminoyama City, and will be held over 20.5 kilometers in five sections, ending in front of the Yamagata Media Tower. Yamagata Broadcasting will broadcast live on TV and radio.

Prefectural Women’s Ekiden

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Kitamurayama's Mei Ito (3rd year at Sakata Minami High School) makes a strong oath as a player = Yamagata City, Yamagata Media Tower

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