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Ranking of “Kanagawa prefecture’s public preparatory schools” that I think have many excellent students! 1st place “Yokohama Suiran High School”, 2nd place? – All About News

Ranking of “Kanagawa prefecture’s public preparatory schools” that I think have many excellent students! 1st place “Yokohama Suiran High School”, 2nd place? – All About News
Ranking of “Kanagawa prefecture’s public preparatory schools” that I think have many excellent students! 1st place “Yokohama Suiran High School”, 2nd place? – All About News

Shonan High School (Image source: Shonan High School official web page)

All About The news editorial department conducted a survey about “public preparatory schools” among 133 men and women in their 20s to 60s nationwide from July 28th to September 28th. This time, based on the results, we will announce the ranking of “public schools in Kanagawa Prefecture that have the most talented students”.

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2nd place: Shonan High School

Second place was Shonan High School. Shonan High School is located in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is famous for Enoshima, and is close to the sea in an environment rich in nature.

As a characteristic of a high school located in a seaside town, the school building has motifs related to the sea. The school building is full of local love, with the exterior walls depicting a ship and the roofs of the gymnasium and multipurpose hall designed to resemble ocean waves.

The school life of students in such a school building is also fulfilling. Although each class is a little long at 70 minutes, the curriculum allows students to deepen their learning in each subject.

In addition, in September 2017, the school was certified as a “School that focuses on academic improvement and advancement,” and one of its characteristics is that it places particular emphasis on English education.

Specifically, the curriculum aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and practical English communication skills, as well as an extensive overseas training system for those who wish to attend.

Respondents said, “This school is well known in Kanagawa Prefecture, where I used to live, to be excellent (Male in his 30s, Hokkaido)” and “Because I have the impression that the school’s academic performance is at a different level than other schools (40s). We received comments such as “Female in her 50s/Tokyo Prefecture” and “It’s been famous as a preparatory school for a long time.”

1st place: Yokohama Suiran High School

1st place went to Yokohama Suiran High School. Yokohama Suiran High School is located in Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, and is easily accessible from Yokohama Station by bus or train.

At Yokohama Suiran High School, the philosophy known as “Great Ordinaryism” has been cherished since its predecessor, Prefectural Second Yokohama Junior High School. The word “daiheibon” has the meaning of valuing the ordinary, recognizing and valuing the value of the ordinary.

Based on the philosophy of “Great Ordinaryism,” students work hard on their studies in parallel with their school life, including club activities and school events. In the 2020 university entrance exam, 35 people passed the University of Tokyo and 36 people passed the prestigious local university, Yokohama National University. In addition, we have a track record of being accepted to many other famous universities, including Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University, and Waseda University.

Respondents said, “It’s a really nice atmosphere (female in her 20s/Tokyo)”, “I was impressed that it was introduced on a TV program (male in his 40s/Niigata Prefecture)”, “I became famous for high school quizzes, (Male, 20s, Tokyo) I received comments such as, “I have the impression that there are many excellent students from around the world.” (Male, 20s, Tokyo)

*Respondent’s comments are in the original text.

Author of this article: Yoko Masaki Profile
After editing children’s magazines and educational magazines, and working in public relations for a baby products manufacturer, she became a freelance editor and writer. She conducts research and writes on a wide range of topics, including child-rearing and education trends, marital issues, gender, and gourmet food.

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