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“Gunpla” 3 works representing Japan have been decided! The U-14 team to participate in the world tournament in December is a 12-year-old girl who took 3 months to create | ORICON NEWS

The Japanese finals of the “Gunpla Builders World Cup 11th Tournament,” the official world tournament to determine the world’s best Gunpla builders, were held on the 18th at Gundam Base Tokyo. The tournament was held in three age groups: U-14, U-20, and OVER21, and the best Gundam model in Japan was determined for each course. The champion of the Japan tournament will represent Japan in the “Gunpla Builders World Cup 11th Tournament” world tournament finals to be held on December 16th.

“Gunpla Builders World Cup 11th Tournament” 3 works representing Japan (from left) U-14, U-20, OVER21 works (C) ORICON NewS inc.

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This is the 11th time this competition has been held, and after the first and second qualifying rounds, the winner of the Japan competition will be decided in the final round. In each judging, works were scored in three categories: craft, painting, and ideas, and the competition was open to both professionals and amateurs.

On this day, the 30 finalists will be unveiled (10 works for each course). The Audience Award (1st place in each of the 3 courses in the web general vote) was awarded to U-14 by teruma’s “Earth Reconnaissance”, U-20 to kosei’s “Valiant”, and OVER21 to morish/Morishu’s “RIGGING Outfitting”. was selected. *The title in “” is the title of the work.

“Gunpla Builders World Cup 11th Tournament” Japan Tournament U-14 Finalist Work

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1st place in the U-14 course, representing Japan, was won by Yuzuki Kojima (12 years old), a woman with only one year of Gunpla experience, “Camille To Space…”. It was created based on a scene from episode 20 of “Mobile Suit Z Gundam,” and features the Psycho Gundam that supports Gundam Mk-2. Mr. Kojima said, “It’s…already…I’m so happy that I can’t express it in words.” It took about three months to make,” he says with great joy.

“Gunpla Builders World Cup 11th Tournament” Japan Tournament U-20 Finalist Work

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Kosei’s “Valiant” won first place in the U-20 course. This is a diorama reproduction of the Kusui Gundam maintenance scene that appears in the final scene of the movie “Flash of Light Hathaway,” and Kosei said, “I’m happy because it was a stage I’ve always admired! (Winning the Audience Award and the W) I’m happy because it was something I hadn’t imagined!” she said with a smile.

“Gunpla Builders World Cup 11th Tournament” Japan Tournament OVER21 Finalist Work

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The first place on the OVER21 course was awarded to morish’s “RIGGING Outfit”. Morish said, “Thank you very much! This is a piece of work that I enjoyed making in the way I like.” This is the work that depicts the Jegan, a special specification for use against large psycho machines, and the scene of its outfitting just before sortie. I am very grateful to have received this.” The world tournament will be held at Gundam Base Tokyo, and will be held in 16 areas around the world including Japan, mainland China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, America, Canada, Europe & Middle East, and the United Kingdom. /Regions participate.

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