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Surprising fact that there are 194 reports of bear sightings in Tokyo each year, with some cases of personal injury. They also appear around mountain trails in Okutama and Uratakao, so be careful in the upcoming season just before hibernation (1/5) | JBpress (JB Press)


They can also be found around mountain trails in Okutama and Uratakao, so be careful during the upcoming season just before hibernation.

Bear sightings are occurring one after another in Tokyo (photo is for illustrative purposes only)

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 “Bear riots” continue across the country. Human injuries caused by bears are occurring frequently in Tohoku and Hokkaido.According to the Ministry of the Environment, as of the end of October there were 164 cases and 180 victims, the worst since 2006, when they began keeping statistics. Surprisingly, bears have been reported to be sighted one after another in Tokyo. Last year, there were 194 reported sightings. What is the ecology of Tokyo’s bears?

Tokyo is the world’s rare “capital where bears live”

Tokyo has a population of approximately 14 million people. It has the image of a big city filled with skyscrapers, but it actually has another side.

Total area of ​​Tokyo 2194km2Of this, 36% is forest. Rich forests have formed in areas such as Okutama and Uratakao, and many wildlife species live there. The popular Mt. Takao area is home to a diverse and diverse ecosystem, with around 30 species of mammals confirmed to live there. These include wild boars, raccoon dogs, Japanese macaques, Japanese badgers, red rats, Japanese martens, and flying squirrels.

A surprising fact is posted on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government website.

The habitat of Asiatic black bears in Tokyo is the forests of the Tama region (Okutama Town, Hinohara Village, Akiruno City, Ome City, Hachioji City, and Hinode Town) located to the west of the capital. A sighting was reported in Machida City in October, but geographically it is thought to be a mountain forest very close to Hachioji City, similar to the Tama area.

According to the Tokyo metropolitan population survey from 2017 to 2020, the estimated number of living animals was 102 (72-123 The average population of bears is estimated to be 161 bears (128 -181 animals).

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