19-year-old THE D SoraKi from Shonan becomes world champion! “Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final 2022”

Red Bull is a dance battle event with simple rules in which the dancer who dances to successive hit songs and excites the venue wins. Red Bull Dance Your Style The world competition was held in Johannesburg, South Africa on Sunday, December 11, Japan time.From Japan to the World ChampionshipsYOSHIE and the disciple’s THE D SoraKi(19 years old, from Kanagawa Prefecture) participated, and THE D SoraKi became the second Red Bull Dance Your Style World Champion.

THE D SoraKi, who became the first Japanese Red Bull Dance Your Style World Champion, said “I’m so happy! I danced to my heart’s content. Rather than dancing with countermeasures in place, I went with the feeling of having fun or defeating them. I think it was the highest level competition because everyone enjoyed it.‘ commented.

Prior to the World Championships, the Pre-Finals will be held in Johannesburg on December 8th (Thursday) and 9th (Friday). In the Pre Final, the winner of the Japan Final held in Osaka on Sunday, July 17th this yearGuccionIn addition, 60 winners of national qualifiers held in 30 countries in 2021 and 2022 each competed for 8 slots in the world competition.

A total of 16 players, including 8 of them and 8 invited players including YOSHIE and THE D SoraKi, competed for the world’s No. 1 in the World Final. (Unfortunately, GUCCHON lost in the Pre Final)


In the World Final, YOSHIE won the first match and played Humza of Canada in the best 8, but was eliminated. THE D SoraKi fascinated the audience with its original dance style, flow, and connection with music, and won the final, beating Nigerian Afro dancer King Da Vinci.

In addition, the battle video has been uploaded from the YouTube channel of “Red Bull Dance”. Please watch this too.

THE D SoraKi Profile

THE D SoraKi (Born July 13, 2003, from Kanagawa Prefecture)
She started dancing at the age of 4, and her parents, who saw her talent, were also dancers themselves. She has mastered various styles of dance, including soul and hip-hop. Her biggest influences and her mentors are her Red Bull Dance Your Style wildcards her YOSHIE and her DJ XXX Large. SoraKi is his real name and was given ‘The D’ as a nickname, which he continues to use as a dance name. He trained four hours a day, and this was his first appearance at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals, where he won.

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