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This year marks the 50th anniversary of its expansion into Japan.“LOEWE”Limited bag collection “TOKYO 1973” is now on sale. There are three types: Puzzle Small, Hammock Compact, and Amazona 23. All of them are popular models that are iconic brands, so check them out!

Loewe’s colorful bags are likened to cherry blossom buds and flowers, expressing cherry blossoms in full bloom.
On the Loewe Japan 50th anniversary campaign site, the video work “50 Years of Sakura” celebrating the 50th anniversary is also available!

Puzzle bag (small)

Loewe’s first “puzzle bag” designed by creative director Jonathan Anderson. The unique square shape is stylish, and it is highly practical as it can be used for multiple purposes such as handbags, shoulder bags, and clutch bags.

There are two colors, ash gray and onyx blue. Both are attractive with calm colors with nuances.

The attached strap is also a special specification!

The attached jacquard strap is engraved with the letters “TOKYO 1973”, which is associated with the year the first Japanese store opened, and “MADRID 1846”, which is associated with the year Loewe was founded. Also pay attention to the special strap that is only used on the 50th anniversary model.

Hammock bag (compact)

As the name suggests, this compact bag is inspired by the shape of a hammock swaying in the shade of a tree. The design that can change the shape by expanding the sides is also popular. Also comes with a limited-edition jacquard strap.


The Amazona, which appeared in the 1970s and has been loved for the longest time among the three models. It has been updated to a more sophisticated form and details while maintaining a classical atmosphere. Attach the included strap for casual use, or remove the strap for an elegant handbag that matches formal occasions. This is only available in ash gray.

A limited collection of popular models from the brand, all on sale at the official online store and stores nationwide. It is sure to sell out, so please check it out as soon as possible.

Click here for the official online store >>

Contact: Loewe Japan Client Service

Composition and text: Kyouko Izuhara

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