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MBC News | Satsuma Region “Beware of Traffic Obstacles” Dozens of Slip Accidents in Kagoshima City

Satsuma region “Beware of traffic obstacles” Dozens of slip accidents in Kagoshima city[01/25 05:47]

In the Satsuma region, please be careful of traffic jams due to snow accumulation and road surface freezing.
Dozens of slip accidents have occurred in Kagoshima City.

Due to the strongest cold air this winter, the mountains and plains in the prefecture are covered with snow.
As of 5:00 am, 2 centimeters of snow has accumulated in Higashi-Gorimoto, Kagoshima City.

The expected 24-hour snowfall amount by 6:00 am on the 26th is high in all places, 2 cm in the mountains and hills of the Satsuma region and 1 cm on flat land. Beware of freezing water pipes due to low temperatures.

All heavy snow warnings issued in the prefecture from the night of the 24th were lifted after 4:00 am, but the Meteorological Observatory is calling attention to traffic disturbances due to snow accumulation and frozen road surfaces in the Satsuma region.

“Transportation information”
・The tram in Kagoshima City has been suspended since the first train.
・JR Kyushu is operating normally.
・All highways in the prefecture are closed to traffic except for the Sueyoshi Takarabe Interchange and the Shibushi Interchange, and national and prefectural roads are also closed one after another.

According to the prefectural police, dozens of slip accidents occurred in Kagoshima City from last night until dawn.

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