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MBC News | Expressway, Ibusuki Skyline, national highways closed due to snow and freezing in Kagoshima Prefecture (7:00 am)

Expressway, Ibusuki Skyline, national roads in various places closed due to snow and freeze in Kagoshima Prefecture (7:00 am)[01/25 07:27]

Some roads in Kagoshima Prefecture are closed due to snow and ice.

▼All sections except Sueyoshi Takarabe Interchange and Shibushi Interchange are closed to traffic.
▼All sections of the Ibusuki Skyline are closed to traffic.

《National Highway / Closed》
▼National Route 3, between Kagoshima Nishi Interchange and Takebe Interchange
▼National Route 10, between Sueyoshi-cho, Soo City and the intersection in front of Kokubun Minami Elementary School, Kirishima City
▼National Route 225 between Shimofukumoto-cho, Kagoshima City and Shimizu, Kawanabe-cho, Minamikyushu City
▼National Route 225/Between Niwatsukino Intersection in Kamiyamada, Kawanabe-cho, Minamikyushu-shi and near Shibatatebashi, Makurazaki-shi
▼National Route 226・Between the animal park entrance intersection and the industrial road south intersection in Hirakawa-cho, Kagoshima City
▼National Route 267・Between Kino Oguchi, Isa City and the border of Kumamoto Prefecture
▼National Route 268/Between Oguchi Yamano, Isa City and the border of Kumamoto Prefecture
▼National Route 328 Shibi Pass
▼Satsuma Hirohashi Interchange and Nosaka Interchange on National Route 504/Hokusatsu Odan Road
▼National Route 637/Between Izumi Interchange and Akune Interchange on South Kyushu Westbound Expressway
▼National Route 637/Minamikyushu Westbound Expressway between Satsumasendai-Mizuhiki IC and Ichiki IC is closed to traffic.

The road closure between Ishiki, Kagoshima City and Osato, Ichikikushikino City on National Route 3 was lifted at 6:30 am.

In addition, 6 prefectural roads have been closed due to snow, ice or strong winds, and 50 prefectural and national roads, mainly in mountainous areas, require anti-slip devices such as chains.

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