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King & Queen, where are you going? Cake-like donuts from Fukuoka are only now available in a sweet and sour “Amaou” style. –

This is the season to enjoy sweet and sour strawberry sweets.

At Fukuoka’s premium donut shop “ROOTH”, cake-like donuts made with the king of strawberries, “Amaou”, are on display.

Sales will start for a limited time from January 28 (Sat).

New York-style donut shop “ROOTH” from Fukuoka

“ROOTH” is a donut shop that opened in March 2022 in Tenjin Daimyo, Fukuoka.

Currently, there are four stores, mainly in Fukuoka.

The cute-looking donut is a mini size with a diameter of 5 cm, which was inspired by New York.

Yogurt is added to the batter to make it less sweet, and the colorful sauce coating is hand-made one by one.

A cake-like donut featuring Amaou

Fukuoka's Donut Shop

Seasonal premium donut “ROOTH×FRUITS”, Two types of “King & Queen” using “Amaou” appear.

Strawberries used in Fukuoka's donut shop

It is said that you can enjoy the balance of mellow sweetness and sourness of “Amaou”, which is specially cultivated at “Uru Farm” in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is certified as “Fukuoka Eco Agricultural Products”.

Fukuoka's donut shop

king(single item: 600 yen including tax) is a mousse made by adding condensed milk to white chocolate, plus a sauce that uses plenty of strawberries.

For a richer flavor, use a dropper to add Amaou puree to the finish.

Fukuoka's Donut Shop

Queen](single item: 550 yen including tax) is a donut with a soft texture and rich custard cream with a raspberry scent, topped with a whole grain of Amaou.

Fukuoka's Donut Shop

In addition to single items, they will be sold in a box of 1 type of 3 pieces (1800 yen including tax) and a box of 2 types of 6 (3450 yen including tax) that are perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

*A separate BOX fee of 250 yen will be charged for each item.

Sales will be held at ROOTH (FUKUOKA) for a limited time from January 28 (Sat) to March 31 (Fri).

ROOTH (SAGA) will sell only 10 pieces per day from February 16th (Thursday) to March 6th (Monday).

“Donut Amaou” like shortcake limited to 3 stores

Fukuoka's Donut Shop

moreover”ROOTH Donuts Amaou” (single item: 300 yen including tax) will also be released at the same time!

Strawberry chocolate sauce is put on the original plain donut, and it is a shortcake style decorated with fresh cream and Amaou.

Fukuoka's Donut Shop

Add “Amaou” to the standard donut “ROOTH donut 9BOX Amaou” (2600 yen including tax) will also appear.

This is sold at ROOTH2-3-3, byROOTH (KOKURA), and ROOTH (SAGA).

All of them are for a limited time, so if you like strawberries, be sure to check them out.

Address: Daimyo 1-9-27 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture First West Building 106
Business hours: Monday-Friday 11:00-20:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-20:00 *Ends when products run out
Store holiday: Wednesday

Address: 2-3-3 Shiranuicho, Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat/Sun/holidays 12:00-19:00
Store holiday: Wednesday

Address: 1-1-5 Uomachi, Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Business hours: Open only on Saturdays and Sundays 12:00-18:00
Store holidays: Monday to Friday

ROOTH (SAGA) Miyaki store
Address: 1427-4 Takeshi, Miyaki-cho, Miyaki-gun, Saga Prefecture
Business hours: 11:00-20:00 *Ends when products run out
Store holiday: Tuesday

ROOTH Official Homepage







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