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Tokamachi City Museum x NHK Niigata Broadcasting Station collaboration event “Let’s learn 8K!

Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture, where many Jomon pottery has been unearthed. At the Tokamachi City Museum, which houses a national treasure, flame-shaped earthenware, an event sponsored by NHK Niigata Broadcasting Station, “Learn 8K de!Flame-shaped pottery & Shade figurine in TOPPAKUis being held!

The period is 4 days from Saturday, March 18, 2023 to March 21, 2023 (Tuesday, public holiday).

Using a tablet or monitor, you can appreciate national treasures, flame-shaped earthenware and crown-shaped earthenware in 8K ultra-high definition and ultra-high definition. It is an event where you can learn various things about pottery and clay figures!

Here is the workshop. Today was the first day, and many people were participating. (Advance reservation required)
I was watching from a distance, but the earthenware reflected on the monitor was so beautiful that even the rough texture could be clearly seen.

Tablets are lent to participants, and they can operate them as they like to appreciate pottery and clay figurines.

The commentator is Mr. Suganuma, the deputy director of the Tokamachi City Museum. He explained various things such as national treasures and flame-shaped earthenware in detail and in an easy-to-understand manner, so I was able to feel more familiar with the Jomon period.

I will tell you some of the explanations!
I wonder what the pattern Mr. Suganuma is pointing at… There are various theories, but it may represent the Shinano River that flows through Tokamachi City! If you look at it when you say so, you will feel like that! It’s deep.

This is a corner where you can actually touch replicas of pottery and clay figures that are the same size and weight as the real thing. I also touched the flame-shaped pottery replica, but it was very heavy!

It was a very popular corner with children ♪ (Thank you for permission to post!)

There is also an AR corner of a shader clay figure excavated from Aomori Prefecture.
In this way, you can make the clay figurine appear anywhere you like through the camera of your smartphone. It’s small and cute!
I was able to stand at the entrance of the Tokamachi City Museum! Welcome all the way! (?)

In addition, I was able to enjoy the panel exhibition where you can learn about SDGs and the corner where you can watch BS4K and NHK Plus. Of course, you can also appreciate real national treasures, flame-shaped earthenware, so please come visit the Tokamachi City Museum this holiday♪

Click here for Tokamachi City Museum TOPPAKU

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