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@onefive misses Shine Muscat at Okayama location Director promises “I’ll treat you if I go again” | ORICON NEWS

The 4-member girl unit @onefive (MOMO, KANO, SOYO, GUMI) performed at the stage greeting event “If my favorite goes to the Budokan, I will die.” I took the stage.

@onefive (from left) MOMO, KANO, SOYO, GUMI (C) ORICON NewS inc.

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Since ChamJam, played by @onefive, is an idol group active in their hometown of Okayama, the filming took place there as well. MOMO, who visited Okayama for the first time, said with a smile, “I remember when I promised ‘Please come back by what time’ and went to the department store and bought a lot of souvenirs such as millet dumplings.” “The millet dumplings weren’t just plain millet dumplings either.

On the other hand, when director Kentaro Otani asked, “Did you eat Shine Muscat?” When Director Otani promised, “If I go again, I’ll have a feast,” he jumped with joy.

(From left) Director Kentaro Otani, MOMO, KANO, SOYO, GUMI (C) ORICON NewS inc.

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This work is based on the manga of the same name by Hirao Auri, and was made into a TV animation in 2020. In the live-action drama, the high degree of reproducibility of the original and the story with a high degree of sympathy full of “push activities” became a hot topic.

In this work, all four of @onefive will make their first drama/movie appearances, and along with Riho Nakamura, Himena Irei, and Miu Wada, they will be members of the 7-member idol group “ChamJam” in the play. MOMO is the solid and cool Matsuyama Sorane (member color blue), KANO is the sexy older sister character Maki Hakata (member color yellow), SOYO is gentle but good at dancing Mizumori Yumeri (member color purple), and GUMI. is the role of Yuka Teramoto (White), who is always free and full of energy. I played the role and had a greeting and talk.


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